The 5 Steps to Independently Create a Live Presentation

January 24, 2023
  by Blog Team
A woman conducting a live presentation using 2 monitors.
Live presentation skills are vital in a digital world where remote working is the norm but with so many distractions, in person and online, it can be difficult to hold your audience’s attention.

To get your point across in an online presentation, it’s important that you do more than deliver a clear and concise presentation; you also need to strategize your engagement. If your viewers are distracted by an email or a project during your presentation, you must work to establish a deeper connection with your audience to keep them engaged from beginning to end.

Most of us approach live streaming the same way: write a script, put it into simple, well-designed slides, and then create a speech. The problem is we tend to stop there.

We rarely think about how to create the best viewing experience for our audience or how we might continue to maintain engagement after this live presentation is over. From maximizing engagement during your presentation to staying in touch afterward, here are some tips that will help:

-Create and deliver better live presentations
-Optimize the experience of your spectators
-Ensure that each element of your message is understood and retained

1) Record yourself

The best presenters are those who have mastered appearing effortless, and their secret is: they repeatedly practice until their delivery feels natural. Some practice in front of mirrors, while others ask for feedback from friends and colleagues. And that evaluation, whether it’s obtained by simply observing yourself, listening to others opinions, or both, will ultimately improve your overall presentation skills.

To understand what your audience will see during your presentation, try recording yourself rehearsing your presentation. Thankfully, this process is easy: all you have to do is start a video conference on your laptop and hit the record button. Watch the recording yourself or share it with a few peers to identify parts of your presentation that appear awkward or lag and adjust accordingly before giving the final presentation. With Momindum, you can access software that will accompany you in all your presentations.

people participating in a live presentation.

2) Don’t hide behind your slides – turn on your webcam!

Body language is just as important virtually as it is in person – your words become more impactful and improves the audiences’ ability to retain the information you present.

Simply turning on your video during a live presentation can humanize the delivery of your information by adding non-verbal cues like hand gestures and facial expressions. This small change can take your presentation from good to great.

Several conferencing solutions allow you to share your screen and a video of yourself simutaniously. Feel free to take advantage of this feature during your next live presentation. 

3) Be interactive

You want to keep your live audience engaged for the duration of your live presentation. So, your goal should be to encourage questions and interaction; instead of solely listening and hopefully retaining some information.

Planning an interactive presentation not only keeps your audience engaged during the event, it also allows you to tailor your content to topics they consider important based on their questions. By asking questions during your presentation that directs you to subject matter that is most interesting to them, you can personalize your presentation based on your audiences’ responses and hold their attention throughout the entire presentation. Momindum Cloud’s question wall tool will allow you to keep this invaluable connection with your listeners throughout your presentation and make your event more authoritative.

4) Share a recording of your live presentation after the event (with chapters)

Step 1: save and share your presentations: At the end of the discussion, most people will send a follow-up email with the slides, a summary, and the next steps you would like them to perform. However, your slides only communicate part of your message, and emails often get overlooked. 

Recording your live presentation allows your audience to review part or all of your presentation exactly as it was delivered and guarantees they won’t miss crucial elements of your discussion. It’s also an effective strategy to bring your presentation to decision-makers and stakeholders who may not have been able to attend the live event.

Momindum has created an all-in-one video platform that includes all the tools you need to record, edit, and share video presentations online. Record an engaging multimedia presentation on demand with just a few clicks, or record your presentation live using your video conferencing solution. Once the video is uploaded, you can edit it before sharing, add auto-generated captions, and allow viewers to interact with call-to-actions in your videos. Share video presentations publicly or privately, just like you would with a video on YouTube, but without the risk of individuals outside your network accessing confidential videos.

a) How to record and enhance your live presentations to make them more impactful

Why? to meet 3 key objectives:

  1. To substantially increase your ROI over the long-term instead of lesser short-term gain.
  2. To provide your viewers with the option to watch the recording. The reality is not everyone will be able to attend the live session.
  3. To enhance the understanding and retention of information for your audience. The people who attended the live presentation will not be able to remember everything!

b) How to record your live streams

The options available to you include:

  1. The tool you use for live presentation allows you to save the session and retrieve the video file later.
  2. Record locally using capture software.

c) How to broadcast the replay of your live streams

You can share your file in different ways:

  1. Make the file available for download (on social networks, email, website, etc.).
  2. Import the file directly to your LMS platform.
  3. Provide a solution to host your video in a convenient location and share content among colleagues.

5) Easily enrich your video replays

a) Incorporating chapters into your replay

The chaptering feature will allow you to break up topics throughout your replay. Viewers will then be able to find the information that interests them quickly and easily.

Your presentation recording will finally be accessible and will ultimately improve the viewer engagement rate. We have noticed that among our exisitng customers, individuals stay 2X as long on a chaptered video.

Your videos chapters should be comprehensive and organized. The best way to do this is to watch your presentation through and segment it into groups. This method will save you time and improve your SEO! 

b) Include subtitles in your presentation replays

Adding subtitles to a video will yield several benefits:

  1. It allows users to watch the video anytime, anywhere.
  2. It increases accessibility to valuable information, attracting the right audience and improving your SEO.
  3. Chaptering makes specific topics easy to locate in your corporate learning folders.
  4. It internationalizes all your videos, making them accessible to everyone, including people with hearing impairment.
  5. Finally, if your platform allows it, you can use “speech to text.”

c) Integrate Calls to Action, quizzes, and networking

THE COMMITMENT! Engaging your listeners and holding their attention throughout the video is paramount! To achieve this, calls to action, for example, can direct them to other relevant content and encourage them to click and watch other videos.

The quizzes help to make your videos more fun and interactive. It stimulates the interest of your viewers and avoids too much monotony. They can test themselves and guarantee they understand the content they have viewed thus far.

Don’t hesitate to interconnect your content so that users can deepen their knowledge by conveniently moving from one article to the next with internal links in your content. 

Do you want to give a live presentation in front of a larger group of listeners? You can also use Momindum Cloud to live stream an online presentation to a large audience. Improve remote presentations and simplify video sharing for your entire organization.

Momindum offers a flexible, easy-to-use video solution that integrates with core business systems, such as video conferencing systems, in-room AV systems, content management systems (CMS), and management systems of Learning (LMS), to support communication and productivity in the workplace. Record, live stream, edit, securely share and search all your business videos using one easy-to-use technology. Schedule a call with an expert to discover how you can maximize your live presentations with Momindum.


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