Top 3 Benefits Qumu Brings to the Pharmaceutical Industry

September 15, 2023
  by Blog Team
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Due to rigorous regulations, complex research, and high stakes in patient outcomes and business performance, the pharmaceutical industry needs cutting-edge technology for effective communication and compliance. Thanks to Qumu, a leader in enterprise video solutions, industries can access a suite of features designed to address their unique challenges. Here’s a closer look at the top three benefits of Qumu for the pharma industry, with a focus on security, video content library, compliance management, and broadcasting:


1. Unmatched Security

In the realm of pharma, protecting sensitive data is crucial for public trust, intellectual property and safeguarding revenue. Qumu’s robust security features are made to meet these demands.


Data Protection: Qumu ensures that videos and other content are encrypted both in transit and at rest. This means that it remains inaccessible to unauthorized individuals from when data leaves its source to when it’s stored or retrieved.

Access Control: Qumu’s platform allows administrators to set precise access controls. Whether it’s confidential R&D data, patient information, or internal communications, you can be sure only the right eyes see the right content.


2. Comprehensive Video Content Library

Video has become an indispensable tool for everything from training to product launches. Qumu’s video content library ensures all video resources are organized, accessible, and ready to deploy.


Centralized Library: Store all videos in one central location, from research findings to training modules. This reduces redundancy, ensures consistency, and streamlines access.

Intuitive Search and Retrieval: Easily find the right content with metadata tagging and advanced search capabilities. This efficiency accelerates training and decision-making processes.


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3. Integrated Compliance Management and Broadcasting

For pharma companies, staying compliant is paramount. Qumu’s compliance management and broadcasting features are a boon for this complex landscape.


Advanced Analytics: Track who accessed what content and when. This not only aids in internal oversight but ensures readiness for external audits and regulatory reviews.

Live Broadcasting: For major announcements, product launches, or training sessions, Qumu’s broadcasting feature ensures seamless, high-quality streaming to a global audience. This is especially beneficial for pharma companies with a global footprint, ensuring consistent messaging across different geographies.

Regulatory Compliance: Qumu helps automate compliance with in-built features for regulatory guidelines. This reduces the margin of error and streamlines the often cumbersome process of adherence.


Qumu is the Go-To Option for the Pharmaceutical Industry

As the pharma industry evolves in complexity, tools like Qumu prove invaluable. By prioritizing security, offering an extensive video content library, and simplifying compliance management and broadcasting, Qumu is helping the pharma industry navigate its unique challenges more effectively and efficiently. Contact an expert today to discover how you can transform your internal communication with Qumu!

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