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“12% Increase in sales of debt protection… We wanted to bring back that personal touch, that face to face experience”

Watch now to learn more about how Vidyo continues to improve customer engagement at Diamond Credit Union.

Automatic transcript:

I mean credit union is a full-service
financial institution we currently have
over five hundred and seventy three
million in assets over 160 employees we
serve over 60,000 members in Montgomery
Berks and Chester County and we have
five branches in those areas members
were coming into a branch expecting to
see a person and we were directed into a
phone the members felt why did I even
need to come in and I could have just
done this from home so we wanted to
bring back that personal touch that
face-to-face experience we also wanted
to have something that would work with
our existing phone system vendor because
our ultimate vision is to have one
centralized videophone system in place
where we can deploy this outside of our
branch network so we wanted to be fast
we wouldn’t be quick we wanted to be
easy and we felt that the video solution
accomplished all those goals
we chose video because they were the
market leader videos had a great impact
on the workflow here at Diamond really
what we were doing is we were setting
them up in that kind of phone booth
setting we weren’t able to give them
that personalized experience and now
what we can do is we can let that member
know with some excitement even that
we’re gonna put them face to face with
the best person here at the credit union
that can help take care of their need
there really is that personalized touch
they get to know that member they can
read the body language they can build
just greater rapport and what I think is
most important is now we’re building
additional trust we’ve seen an average
increase by 12 percent of the numbers of
members that are covered using our debt
protection so we know just by addition
by subtraction we haven’t done any
additional training when it comes to
debt protection but we know what we have
added and we’ve added video so I believe
the personal experience that you’re
getting the one-on-one member and again
that they get to see you and you get to
see them so it’s a much more personal
experience and I think that’s assisting
us and helping our members with their
protection our members have rated their
experience with video at four point nine
three and that’s with over 2200 video
calls that we’ve received since the
inception of video we had a member come
in to one of our branch locations who
hearing-impaired and they wanted to
apply for a loan and the branch manager
recognized that we might be able to
utilize the videos software and the
hardware in order to help this member we
were able to have the member Rika lips
of the individual was taking the
application we’re on the phone we
wouldn’t have been able to make that happen
videos adoption services was very
instrumental for us we had not used the
video solution in the past so we didn’t
really know what to expect the people
the video believe in their solution and
that’s important when you’re working
with a new client because we need to
feel like we’re important to you my
overall experience with video has been
fantastic I was part of the
implementation team when we brought
video on board and it was a great
experience I really do believe that both
sides had a passion to make this happen
for their members and video side for
their clients and to see that joint
passion to make this dream a reality for
Dimond was really a special thing one of
the things that’s been most helpful is
we’ve all entered into this eyes wide
open I mean we’ve all been very
enthusiastic we recognize that we have
cutting-edge technology at our disposal
and I think that one of the things we
found throughout the inception of video
and now taking over 2,000 calls is we’re
really just scratching the surface we
look to expand not only from our sales
call center but look to expand from a
real estate standpoint that people can
come in and they can apply for an
application via video for a home equity
loan a home equity line of credit
imagine getting a mortgage video
applying for a business loan using video
so those are just the things that I
envision that the future holds for us and Vidyo

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