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Privacy in Today’s Telehealth & Telemedicine

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Blurring and video anonymization meet regulatory (GDPR/HIPAA)
patient privacy protection requirements.

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D-ID Smart Anonymization

Medical facilities are held to a higher privacy standard. Anonymizing individuals’ caught on film or video protects them from violating health care privacy acts.

D-ID’s solution supports two main methods of facial protection: (1) Blurring, where the patient’s face is blurred in every frame caught on film, and (2) Smart Anonymization, the only solution that replaces faces with computer generated images, while maintaining key attributes of the face, in compliance with HIPAA and GDPR requirements.


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D-ID’s AI face technology protects photos from being identified by face recognition technologies while keeping them similar to the human eye. D-ID’s video product anonymizes faces while preserving key attributes like age and emotions thus enabling video analytics operations while complying with privacy regulations without risking heavy fines.

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