The Sensible Transition to Vidyo: Adapting Post BlueJeans Video Conferencing

August 24, 2023
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Like many others, your organization may be scrambling to adjust its video conferencing services following the shutdown of BlueJeans Video Conferencing. The news that your team must uproot your existing video management and conferencing solution you have in place may feel daunting. Fortunately, this blog will present how, by upgrading to Enghouse Video, you can ensure a smooth, hassle-free shift away from BlueJeans Video Conferencing.


At Vidyo, we’re committed to providing superior video conferencing solutions that guarantee reliable and secure communication. Our portfolio boasts industry giants, including Qumu and Lifesize, offering you diverse options tailored to your specific needs – a robust response to the changing landscape following the discontinuation of BlueJeans.

Embrace Enghouse Vidyo: Your Partner in Transitioning from BlueJeans Video Conferencing

In a world where effective communication is paramount, Vidyo is your reliable choice as you shift from BlueJeans Video Conferencing seamlessly and effectively.

The Vidyo Advantage: Elevate Your Virtual Meetings

By choosing Vidyo, you choose superior security, flexible deployment, and on-prem capabilities. With a remarkable portfolio encompassing 175 patents, Vidyo showcases an unwavering commitment to innovation and enhancing your communication experiences, especially as you move on from BlueJeans Video Conferencing services.

Key Vidyo Features:

  • High-quality video communications with cutting-edge adaptive video technology.
  • Customizable Video APIs and SDKs seamlessly embed video into various applications.
  • Tailored solutions catering precisely to the demands created by the end of BlueJeans Video Conferencing.

Qumu: Unleash the Power of Webcasts & Virtual Events

Introducing Qumu – a game-changer that allows you to create, manage, and deliver live or on-demand video content with unparalleled ease. What sets Qumu apart is its seamless integration with existing tools and workflows, smoothly integrating with your organization’s existing technology.

Key Qumu Features:

  • Sharing video content with advanced security and password protection.
  • Seamless integrations with existing video conferencing applications.
  • Easy navigation of complex network environments with simplified searching capabilities.

Lifesize: Elevate Your Meeting Room Solutions

Lifesize offers a cloud-based video conferencing experience with user-friendly features and high-definition audiovisual. Tailored to accommodate large meetings, Lifesize ensures you can connect with anyone, anywhere.


Key Lifesize Features:

  • Comprehensive video conferencing solutions, coupled with hardware options designed for conference rooms.
  • A unified platform addressing video, audio, and web conferencing needs.
  • An emphasis on user-friendliness and consistency across various devices.


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Why Choose Enghouse Vidyo for Your Transition from BlueJeans Video Conferencing?

  • Seamless Integration: Experience a seamless integration process across multiple devices and workflows.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Enghouse Vidyo offers holistic video conferencing and room-based solutions that you can tailor to your unique use case.
  • Flexible Deployment: Choose from various deployment options, including On-Premises, Private Cloud, Hybrid, and Multi-tenant cloud solutions.

Let’s get Started Transitioning to Enghouse Vidyo

Get started with our team of experts and deep dive into your existing BlueJeans Video Conferencing setup and how we can enhance your video conferencing experience. Our dedicated team supports you with customizing, white-labeling, and migrating data, ensuring a seamless transition from BlueJeans Video Conferencing to your new solution.


Enghouse’s rapidly evolving suite of conferencing solutions ensures a seamless shift from BlueJeans to a new era of enhanced video conferencing. With Vidyo, Qumu, and Lifesize at your fingertips, your organization’s video management and conferencing needs won’t miss a beat, fortified by advanced technology and a 24/7 local support team. Get in touch today to start your journey with Enghouse Vidyo!


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