Remembering What’s Important This Holiday Season

December 22, 2017
  by Blog Team

Happy Holidays from Vidyo

The holidays offer a reminder that no matter where we are, there’s always time to connect with others. Families, friends, coworkers… the world takes a moment during the holidays to give back to the people that matter most.

At Vidyo, our mission is to provide high-quality communications and even higher-quality engagement. During this holiday season, we at Vidyo are reminded once again that our mission can be put into real action. We are dedicated to our work because we believe that our technology provides the best platform for our customers to deliver an element of human touch to their digital businesses. This type of face-to-face interaction is crucial to maintaining relationships and building trust in an overall digital world.

This year we saw our customers’ work advance in new and impactful ways, specifically in healthcare. At Vidyo’s inaugural Healthcare Summit, we saw a plethora of innovative telemedicine programs across the care continuum that leverage Vidyo to bring better access to care for all communities. VIdyo is truly helping change the future of healthcare. This has been a year of great accomplishment for ourselves and our customers.

As a new employee at Vidyo, and a rookie in this industry, I am beyond proud to be a part of something as small, and as big, as Vidyo. For a long time, and through a series of internships, I struggled to find my place in the workforce. I knew that I needed more than just a place to work — I needed a place where I felt like I could make a difference in the world. I believe I’ve finally found my home at Vidyo.

Santa Visits Kids via Vidyo Telehealth

From talking to our customers, to learning about where our technology is headed, it’s all become very real for me. A few days ago we received a heartwarming message from our friends over at Nemours Children’s Hospital. It was a video of children using Vidyo to bring Santa to their bedsides. Vidyo may be a small part of a bigger picture in this instance. But it’s a reminder to us all of why we wake up every day and try to make a difference.

Our customers are using Vidyo to expand and advance the way they interact with patients while taking telemedicine to new heights. They are improving the quality of care while reducing patient and company expenses. Most importantly, they are changing the lives of people every single day, one remote consultation at a time.

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