Extended Media Server

Dialogic PowerMedia XMS

The media server software for the times that matter most.
Create compelling, real-time conferencing, collaboration, and messaging applications from virtually any type of media content with our software-based media server.

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Build media-rich applications with minimal effort

The highly scalable, standards-based specialist in real-time multimedia processing, PowerMedia XMS is your time-saving building block for new and innovative applications for every industry.


With PowerMedia XMS, Quobis enables new banking customers to sign up for services and accounts while complying with strict identity verification regulations. The system also records and archives entire interactions between customers and agents.


Penta Corporation, a leading transportation solution provider, leverages PowerMedia XMS to provide a rock-solid platform for the conferencing, public address, and digitized voice and video dispatch system installed at a major commuter line.


SoftBank replaced their legacy video environment and services with our WebRTC-based conferencing and collaboration system to deliver sales and training for thousands of employees globally, while reducing computing resources by 30-50%.

Public Safety

Public safety organizations and solution providers such as Motorola Solutions rely on PowerMedia’s bandwidth utilization, low latency, and high availability to optimize 911 call services.

Rely on proven media expertise

World-class enterprises, service providers, system integrators, and application developers depend on our full media processing orchestration and 20+ years of expertise..

Trusted Leadership

  • Utilized in 250 of the world’s largest global networks
  • More than 15,000 enterprise customers
  • More than 25 million media ports deployed to date
  • Supports more than 1 billion mobile subscribers

Support customers, personnel, and partners with more powerful interactions

PowerMedia XMS supports your most demanding applications, including:


  • Carrier-hosted contact centers
  • Next-generation 911
  • Financial communications
  • Live events with multi-display projections
  • Streaming video for large enterprises, e-health, and government agencies
  • Advanced interactive voice response (IVR)

Create and design the way you want

Choose the best option to create a new application, deliver a new service, or productize voice and video assets with the flexibility, wealth of standards-based APIs, and broad media handling capabilities.

Lower your total cost of operations

Develop and support advanced media applications and communications experiences while reducing time-to-market, cutting development costs, and lowering maintenance expenses.

Mobile and fixed-linve VAS for real-time multimedia communications

Successfully employ fail-safe, uninterrupted WebRTC, voice, and video services across any channel or device.

PowerMedia XMS Key Features

  • Easily integrates into existing infrastructure and services
  • Industry-standard, programmable APIs
  • Low latency mixing of audio and video
  • Voice over LTE (IR.92) and Video over LTE (IR.94) support
  • Wide variety of audio and video CODECS
  • Flexible, secure audio and video recording
  • WebRTC media gateway support
  • Cloud architecture, supported by Google, AWS and Azure

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