VidyoPlatform: The Optimal Choice for Twilio Programmable Video Users

January 5, 2024
  by Blog Team
VidyoPlatform Twilio

As Twilio’s Programmable Video reaches its end of life, VidyoPlatform emerges as a superior alternative. Designed by the developers of the renowned SVC video codec and boasting over 100 patents in video conferencing, it’s a developer-centric platform that caters to the same use cases as Twilio, but with enhanced features and capabilities.

Key Features of VidyoPlatform

  • Developer-Centric Design: Rooted in innovation, VidyoPlatform is crafted by the minds behind the SVC video codec. It offers a versatile and developer-friendly environment, suitable for any platform, addressing a wide array of use cases with over 100 patents in video conferencing. Thanks to this Cross Platform SDK, developers don’t have to worry about the underlying technology stack and the platform complexities. They develop cross-platform (WebRTC, Binary) video conferencing solutions faster.
  • Global Video Infrastructure: VidyoCloud operates on Google Cloud Platform, the world’s fastest network. This is combined with our patented algorithms for variable bitrate and fluctuating network conditions to get the most reliable video conferencing codec. VidyoPlatform offers unique flexibility, including options for on-premise solutions, a choice not available with Twilio or Zoom.
  • Unmatched Security: Trusted by high-security sectors like DISA, NCR, healthcare, and judicial systems, including Supreme Courts, Vidyo guarantees end-to-end encryption on WebRTC, ensuring secure video interactions.
  • Ease of Transition: Transitioning to VidyoPlatform is streamlined with comprehensive support from guides, direct access to our API advocate team, and our engineers. We offer co-created solutions as part of our Professional Services, ensuring a smooth switch from Twilio. So, for those looking to solve complex issues, we are always available to help with personalized support.
  • Extended Benefits and Integration: Clients gain access to a range of complementary solutions under the Enghouse umbrella, from event broadcasts with Qumu to call center integrations. Additionally, Vidyo’s robust integration capabilities extend to healthcare workflows and hybrid deployment options, and most importantly, all videoconferencing is without call time limits.
  • Cost-Effectiveness and Wide Support: Despite its advanced features, VidyoPlatform remains cost-effective. It supports various platforms, including WebRTC, iOS, and Android, catering to a diverse user base.

Upgrade With VidyoPlatform

VidyoPlatform is not just a replacement for Twilio’s Programmable Video; it’s an upgrade. Offering unparalleled video quality, customization, security, and user experience, it’s the ideal choice for businesses and developers seeking a robust, secure, and flexible video communication solution.

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