Empowering Telehealth with Collaboration & Innovation

Innovating Telehealth Solutions with powerful Video Conferencing for over 17 years

Secure & Compliant

Scalable, Reliable Telehealth solutions with HIPAA, GDPR compliance, SRTP media encryption, etc.

Multiple Deployment Options

True On-premise, Private Cloud, Hybrid, Multi-Tenant Cloud

VidyoHealth Telehealth Solutions Infographic

Innovating Telehealth Solutions with Video Conferencing for Over 17 Years

VidyoHealth’s telehealth solutions are a suite of telehealth video conferencing software that are purpose-built for healthcare and designed to integrate with EHR systems, medical devices, and endpoints.  Our telehealth solutions deliver the reliability, interoperability, and scalability needed for today’s continually changing environment while providing HIPAA-compliance.

As one of the best telehealth solution providers, VidyoHealth’s telehealth video conferencing enables multiple use cases for virtual care that can be integrated into existing network of displays, including rural ambulatory, maternal-fetal medicine, and high demand specialties, such as neurology, cardiology, and behavioral health.

Telehealth Solutions for Different Health Care Departments

Our flexible telehealth video conferencing software and telehealth solutions are configured to your needs and systems.  We understand that each department has different needs and there is no one-size-fit-all telehealth solution. Our professional services team can guide your initiative, including remote-care, as close as possible to your clinicians’ workflow.

Emergent/Urgent Care

Help expedite triage, improve efficiencies, centralize resources, reduce left-without-being-seen metrics, and minimize unnecessary readmissions

Acute Care

Improving outcomes, reducing costs, and improving patient and clinician satisfaction to deliver a world-class experience to patients and families

At-Home Care

Pre-assess patients for clinical deterioration and prevent readmission due to chronic conditions with the remote patient observation telehealth option

Ambulatory Care

Improve access to specialists, reduce unnecessary readmissions, and address patient attrition

Post-Acute Care

Achieve the goals of improved outcomes, reduced costs, and increased satisfaction by performing remote follow-ups and rounds

use case Vidyo patient monitoring

Remote Observation

Extend reach and optimize resources to engage with their patient population no matter where they are

Seamless Integrations for the Market’s Most Extensive Healthcare Ecosystem

VidyoHealth Solution Features

Telehealth Software

  • HIPAA-compliant access
  • Seamless Integrations to existing technologies
  • One-click entry for patients
  • EMR integration, omni-channel & unified experience
  • 4K/5k video virtual visit
  • Post care summaries and patient follow up
  • Easy deployment
  • Audio-only or Audio-visual calls


  • Monitor up to 16 patients per observer
  • “Doorbell” alert
  • Simple-to-use onscreen buttons
  • Scalable & flexible
  • Can be integrated into existing network of audio and visual equipment
  • Onscreen buttons for audio-only or audio-visual calls
  • Easy-to-use zoom tool
  • Create unique adjustment for each room

Telehealth Devices

  • Reliable, interoperable, and scalable
  • HIPAA-compliant solution
  • Customizable help screens
  • Flexibility and choice for room control
  • Streamlined workflows and familiar icons
  • Enable concurrent multispecialty consults at the patient bedside
  • Compact video hardware with cloud-based practitioner licenses

Telehealth Solutions. Real Results.

Read how VidyoHealth telehealth video conferencing solutions have transformed health organizations.

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