How to Use Breakout Rooms for Successful Behavioral Health Sessions

December 13, 2023
  by Blog Team

In today’s connected world, collaboration is key. That’s why we’ve introduced the latest breakout rooms feature to make your team’s virtual meetings more engaging and productive than ever before.

Telehealth’s rapid evolution has proved there is unprecedented potential for the future of healthcare delivery. In the constantly changing world of telehealth, remote consultations are expanding beyond simple one-on-one patient-doctor interactions. We see group visits in a variety of use cases across the continuum of care. Whether you are in telehealth focused on such things as behavior health or an enterprise customer that is required to host large meetings.

Vidyo’s comprehensive Telehealth Platform offers healthcare facilities a powerful tool that enhances patient and provider interactions, improves access to care, increases engagement, and reduces costs. With Vidyo, you can facilitate virtual group visits for several use cases in a healthcare setting.

Benefits of Breakout Rooms for Group Sessions

According to online sources, breakout rooms offer many social and practical benefits to group sessions. Below are just a few benefits you may experience by implementing this feature:

Attendance: Virtual group therapy enables enhanced attendance among participants, as many people may have to forgo some sessions due to prior commitments. However, with virtual sessions, it’s easier to attend virtually rather than not at all.

Quality Discussions: Organize participants either at random or into more appropriate groups based on similar factors that are relevant to the discussion at hand. This will promote quality discussions and allow participants to discuss topics more deeply.

Participants Connections: Encourage participants to open up and create a better opportunity for quieter members to speak up and let their voices be heard. Smaller groups can help participants more easily connect with each other in a smaller group environment.


Explore Vidyo’s Breakout Rooms Features

Discover how an innovative feature like Breakout Rooms can transform group sessions for behavioral health. With breakout rooms in VidyoConnect, you can now create multiple spaces within conferences, all from one menu!

Tip: The breakout room control panel is accessible through the icon in the bottom ribbon or pop-up in the bottom right corner.


Getting Started with Your Meeting

  • Create up to 50 breakout rooms with just one click.
  • Choose a custom name for each room to provide clarity, guidance, or motivation to the participants of each room.
  • Each room has a moderator pin for seamless co-hosting capabilities.
  • Create cohosts for the entire conference or just a single breakout room.

Moderator Capabilities During Breakout Room Sessions

  • Navigate across all rooms and move participants between rooms as needed.
  • Send high-priority messages to either a single or all rooms from within the main conference.
  • As the moderator you have flexible recording features that enable you to record either select or all breakout rooms.
  • See when participants need assistance with the raised hand icon. You can then join the room to help with a single click.
  • Send out a broadcast to either select or all rooms. The message is visible to participants in the top right corner of the screen.

Wrapping Up Your Meetings

  • Create and delete breakout rooms individually or in bulk to align with your next call.
  • Create multiple layouts of breakout rooms depending on your conference needs.

Transform Your Group Sessions with Vidyo’s Breakout Rooms Today

Vidyo’s tools and features extend fresh avenues for collaborative care, allowing multidisciplinary teams to coordinate and cohost virtual group therapy sessions effectively and efficiently. Vidyo’s platform helps enable patients to actively participate in group therapy sessions from a convenient and comfortable location. To learn more about the benefits, ROI, and real-world applications of the Vidyo Telehealth Platform for your specific use case, get in touch with a member of our team!

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