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Leverage our medical carts experiences to improve care collaboration, outcomes, and patient care.

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Effective interdisciplinary collaboration in healthcare

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An Easy-To-Use Telemedicine Solution for Healthcare Practitioners

The VidyoConnect Medical Cart Experiences is a purpose-built telemedicine solution for healthcare practitioners. With an easy-to-use video interface, this solution streamlines workflows for practitioners to perform virtual rounds, remote ICU observation, and multidisciplinary consults.

How to Leverage Medical Cart Experiences to Improve Care Collaboration, Outcomes, and Patient Care

The battle against COVID-19 has highlighted the critical role telemedicine can play in delivering quality care during challenging times. While many may think of telemedicine in terms of physician-patient visit, the value of the technology actually goes much further. Such is the case with the often overlooked medical cart. With telemedicine technology, the medical cart becomes more than a device to hold a monitor; it becomes a mobile, flexible healthcare delivery solution that brings the benefits of telemedicine to any healthcare experience.

Following are six benefits of using medical cart experiences to improve care collaboration, outcomes, and the patient experience. We also provide guidance on what features to look for when choosing a solution.

Supports remote ICU observation

Organizations across the country are struggling with staffing shortages. Having a centrally located ICU observation location can help them maintain quality of care with fewer resources. Medical carts at the patient’s bedside can be equipped with digital stethoscopes, Horus scopes and relevant telemedicine technology to enable detailed remote assessments and observation. Be sure to choose a medical cart that supports a broad range of PTZ cameras and one that can be sprayed and wiped down with disinfectant.

Enables real-time multidisciplinary consultations

Patients want—and need—timely access to specialists. Having a medical cart at the patient’s bedside eliminates delays in care and allows for more effective care collaboration. This is especially beneficial in locations that lack access to high-demand specialists. When choosing a solution, be sure you choose one with high-quality audio capabilities. The best options should automatically adjust for both louder and softer voices to make sure everyone is heard. A superior medical cart experience is important in settings with lots of activity like a busy emergency department, or when the patient may be hard of hearing.

Enhances virtual rounding

One of the greatest advantages of using medical carts equipped with telemedicine technology is that they can enhance the effectiveness of rounding by bringing multiple stakeholders, including the patient’s family, together at the patient’s bedside. This ensures everyone is on the same page in regard to the diagnoses and care plan, which helps improve adherence. Look for medical carts that meet your organization’s specific needs. If storage is an issue, choose one with a slim profile that can be easily tucked away when not in use. Do you need a solution with a mouse and keyboard for low-light environments? Be sure to ask. You should also check out the power source as some are simple plug-and-play solutions while others offer hot-swappable batteries for greater mobility. Choose a solution that offers a hand-held version for even greater mobility and flexibility.

Reduces capital expenditures and the need for IT resources

In these challenging times, many healthcare organizations lack the financial capital with which to invest in telemedicine technology infrastructure, let alone the resources needed to maintain and manage those technologies. The good news is that medical carts don’t come with the large price tag or the heavy lift of other clinical technologies. Software-based solutions are great but be sure to choose one that is fully encrypted and HIPAA compliant for both media and signaling, and one that is optimized for high fidelity across a variety of networks, devices and locations. Equally important is that you choose a solution that seamlessly integrates with your EMR and existing workflows. This helps ensure high utilization and a positive ROI.

Promotes better business intelligence

Healthcare administrators can find it challenging to capture in-depth analytics with which to ensure regulatory compliance, track performance against best practices and to drive continuous improvement. Look for a solution that allows you to measure encounters, outcomes and appointment types by location, provider, specialties and patient populations. The best solutions are those that provide financial analytics by revenue and payer mix, as well as by provider, payer, diagnoses and location.

Improves the
Patient experience

Patients have more choices than ever in where they get their healthcare. Providing a positive patient experience has a clear impact on an organization’s ability to capture market share, create brand loyalty and build a reputation for delivering high quality care. Ensuring patients and their families are easily able to connect with the care team is an important part of the experience. Therefore, it’s important to choose a medical cart solution that enables one-click connectivity. If remote providers have trouble getting into the virtual meeting or patient visit, it can influence the patient’s confidence in the provider or in the quality of care they’re receiving. The best telehealth solutions also allow organizations to brand the medical cart interface and to personalize help messaging. This provides another opportunity to promote the brand at each patient encounter.

The journey forward with medical cart experiences

The pandemic has forever changed the way healthcare is delivered—and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Telemedicine-enabled medical carts present a great opportunity to improve care outcomes and the patient experience while enhancing workflows and reducing costs.
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About Vidyo

The VidyoConnect Medical Cart Experience is a video conferencing solution purpose-built for healthcare practitioners who value an easy-to-use video experience to perform virtual rounds, remote ICU observing, and multidisciplinary consults and who want to leverage digital stethoscopes, Horus scopes, and other medical devices.

“Knowing I could receive infection disease consultation 24 hour per day was impactful! It was nice in a small rural hospital to have a world class physician help to heal our daughter.”

– Sonoma Valley Hospital

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