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Secure Government Video Conferencing and Online Court Proceedings

Driving departmental efficiency and inter-agency collaboration

At every agency level, protected government video conferencing positively impacts the access and equity of citizen and human services. From online cour proceedings to secure military conferencing, the Vidyo platform provides high-quality streaming in a secure environment.

Good Governance Fueled by Clear Communication

For federal, state and local agencies, video collaboration is essential to working more efficiently, serving constituents more effectively and reducing costs in the process. Once considered too expensive and complex for everyday use, secure government video conferencing is now affordable and easy to use, thanks to Vidyo and its partners.

Local Government

State Government

Federal Government

ADA Compliance

Public organizations rely on American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters in order to maintain compliance with the American With Disabilities Act. Government video conferencing allows public facilities such as police stations, courthouses, libraries, hospitals and classrooms to connect members of the deaf community with skilled ASL interpreters when and where they are needed.

Courts & Corrections

Heavy case loads, changing laws, overcrowded facilities and tight budgets make it increasingly difficult for courts and correctional systems to operate safely and efficiently. Conducting online court proceedings through video conferencing can address the need for seamless, reliable and secure communication in this environment.

Emergency Preparedness

Agencies tasked with emergency response must maintain a state of readiness at all times. This requires substantial inter-agency planning and collaboration, which used to be time-consuming and costly. Through video-enabled meetings and recordings, these agencies are finding it easier to conduct planning sessions, share best practices, and keep all stakeholders informed—all with less travel time and expense.

Emergency Response

In emergency scenarios, whether natural or manmade, an effective response can bring order to chaos and save lives. Response teams need smooth inter-agency communications and the ability to make real-time situational assessments so they can mobilize services and restore communities to normal operations.

First Responder Training

First responders need access to current, high-quality training opportunities at all certification levels in an environment that encourages leadership development and peer mentoring. Video has the power to deliver interactive training programs during non-shift hours without requiring responders to leave their base of operations.

Vidyo Security Certified by U.S. Government

Public sector agencies are working with Vidyo to push past the limitations of traditional video conferencing technology in terms of:

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FIPS 140-2 Compliant Cryptographic Libraries

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Higher Level of Quality and Access

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Industry Standard Encryption Including TLS, SRTP, AES

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Integration with 3rd Party Authentication and SSO

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