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Rapidly connect online traffic with the right people through chat, audio call or video conference. Whether you’re looking to facilitate sales, resolve customer service tickets or offer technical support, LiveRetail provides a “tip-to-tail” suite of software to get it done efficiently and ensure that data is captured for future analysis.

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What is Live Commerce? 

Live commerce has revolutionized online shopping.  

Live commerce is the act of selling products online through live video while shoppers interact with the brand in real-time. 

To make live commerce successful, companies need solutions such as live video shopping tools, live chat, and shopping cart integration for the ultimate customizable user experience.  

Benefits of 1:1 Live Commerce Experience 

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Increase conversion rates

One-to-one video shopping enables the customer and sales associate to build a better connection without distractions that are common with in-person shopping. 
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Increase satisfaction

Thanks to easier access to experts, there is a higher chance customers will get the help they need with no stress, in less time. 
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Reduce wait times

Employees can screen-share and navigate their company website, suggesting alternative products to customers in just a few seconds. 
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Lower costs

Lower costs through more efficient allocation of scarce resources by allowing call transfer and routing functionalities within the organization to have the right agent in front of the customer. 
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Consultative selling

With one-to-one video shopping, it allows consultants to ask more in-depth questions that they may not be able to in an in-person setting or through chat alone.  
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Capture and analyze video call data

After the video live chat with customers, consultants can gather information from the chat history for product improvement, customer service training, consumer marketing, and more.

LiveRetail Features 

4K Video Quality

Make an impact with 4K video quality for your live demonstrations. Product demonstrations, troubleshooting, and close ups help enhance selling capabilities.

Branding and white-labeling

 Vidyo Professional Services will tailor the Vidyo interface for a custom experience without the overhead of developing your own application. 

Instant Messaging

Make it easy for customers to connect with an expert using live chat, receive live product demos, and provide important information during the buyer’s journey.

Real-time Transcript

Provide accessibility for everyone who accesses your retail store with a live transcript. You can also use to review at a later date for sales training and development practices. 

API Development Service

Vidyo’s dedicated API consultation services will help your organization build its video applications to fit the unique use case and workflow needs. 

Follow-Up Report

Support post-call surveys and summaries for instant customer feedback. This feature allows sales teams to review notes for potential sales, upselling, and cross-selling opportunities. 

LiveRetail Uses Cases 

Call Centers

Provide interactive video support in the moments that matter most

Home & Field Services

Connect a Virtual Support Technician with your customers and diagnose their issues instantly


Offer customers an instore buying experience and personalized assistance from sales associates working remotely

Virtual Styling Consultation

Engage your online customers with video while providing online style advice and inspiration

Auto Dealership

Offer seamless video tours and test drives to customers who are unable to come into the dealership 

Video Banking & Insurance

Provide video chat, live chat, co-browsing, and screen sharing capabilities that enable companies to engage with customers and prospects and help them get the online experience they desire

Enhance Your Customer Engagement Solution with Live Commerce Shopping 

With an in-person shopping experience, getting one on one attention isn’t always possible, especially during busy hours. LiveRetail guarantees that the employee can give their undivided attention to a customer and find the product that best fits their needs. It is also more time-effective, as the employee can screen-share and navigate their company website, suggesting alternative products in just a few seconds. 

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