Grow your Business Through Video Collaboration

Embed powerful video collaboration software into your own app to deliver value for your customers.

Easy implementation into your apps or devices

Using Vidyo’s APIs, rapidly embed high quality video communications into your web, mobile, or desktop app. Simply bring video collaboration capability in your app to deliver higher value for your customers.

Extreme Reliability

Reduce frustration and increase engagement for users of your app with reliable video communication

Fully Customizable

Deliver a fully integrated user experience while maintaining your brand with flexible customization

Mobile Optimized SDK

Mobile device users experience uncompromising video quality with highly optimized mobile SDKs

Faster time to market for your solutions

Vidyo’s video communication API dramatically simplifies enterprise-grade interactive video implementation into any application. Experience a shorter time to market and unique video user experience with consistent API supporting all major platforms. Vidyo’s video communication API is powered by a global real-time video network that delivers highly reliable video calls.

Designed for developers, by developers

Vidyo’s video communication API is designed for developers to easily customize and integrate video communications without requiring them to become video experts. Vidyo’s team of specialists is available to provide guidance and make the integration process quick and easy.

Developers focus their expertise on building a great app and use their time effectively. With a cloud-hosted option, developers rapidly embed group video chat into mobile, web, and desktop apps.

Transform your workforce: work smarter, from anywhere

The video collaboration software from Vidyo is easy to deploy, manage, and scale. Now Technology companies simply connect global teams and offer high-touch customer service with high-quality, reliable, and easy-to-use video communications.

With Vidyo, technology organizations work smarter, from anywhere. Our video collaboration solution connects your highly skilled experts, fostering high-quality online collaboration and enables you to instantly include multiple stakeholders on any project in the highest quality conferencing experience available.

Video Collaboration Solution for Technology companies

Innovate Faster

Connect the entire team face-to-face over any device from nearly anywhere, even in low bandwidth regions or industrial environments.

Accelerate Development

Share product designs, prototypes, detailed project plans and actively manage projects more efficiently using HD video collaboration technologies.
video collaboration from home

Reduce Downtime

Online collaboration helps manufacturing organizations maintain quality standards across global sites and reduce downtime with remote troubleshooting.
video collaboration from home

Vidyo key Capabilities to boost your teams’ workspace collaboration

Robust and HD Video solution

Security and encryption

White labeling & Integration in teams’ environment for a better user experience

Video Collaboration features

Connect anywhere, anytime, any device

Easy to Use & Easy to join

Collaborate With Your Team Now

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