LiveRetail: Home & Field Services Remote Video Support

Remote video support has never been easier
Remote troubleshooting and live video interactive assistance can save a company valuable time and money and reduce the environmental impact of unnecessary truck rolls. Provide your customers the support they desire while streamlining how your technicians and contractors get the job done. Vidyo’s LiveRetail remote video support functionality delivers chat, audio calls, and video conferencing to make troubleshooting a variety of home services more efficient.    

Technical & Mechanical Video Support 

Rather than endure long wait times for an appointment and have essential equipment out of use for an extended period, customers can connect with a Virtual Support Technician via remote video support and diagnose their issues instantly. 

HVAC Video Support 

Help the consumer get an accurate quote quicker, while the company ensures technicians are prepared for their home visit with the right equipment. This also helps both parties save time and stress for a more positive outcome.  

HVAC video support
home improvement video support

Home Improvement Video Support 

Home improvement and extensive renovations are known for being costly and time-consuming. However, with the help of a virtual consultant, homeowners can get more accurate quotes for large jobs and better allocate their budget for the most important jobs. 

Benefits LiveRetail Brings to Remote Video Support 

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Reduce Customer Support Costs

Remote video support provides visual assistance to reduce issue resolution time and cut in-person visits. 
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Reduce Environmental Impact

Resolve basic issues remotely to limit costly truck rolls while lowering your company’s carbon footprint.  
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Optimize Technician and Contractor Tasks

Align on-site technicians, service experts, and the home office with easy-to-use tools.  
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Increase Customer Loyalty

Provide your customers with the convenience of live video interactive assistance and address their expectations quickly to remain competitive. 

LiveRetail’s Remote Video Support Features 

remote support video
  1. Easy to use with an intuitive user experience
  2. Utilizes existing desktop and mobile devices 
  3. Works with any application – Windows, macOS, Android 
  4. No app required 
  5. Simple deployment – can be provided as an on-premises or cloud-based service 
  6. Security and privacy with end-to-end encryption 
  7. Superior video and audio quality  

Interested in experiencing the benefits of LiveRetail's Remote Live Support firsthand?

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