LiveRetail: Video Banking and Video for Insurance

Live video interactions for an optimal customer experience

With website and mobile app use continuing to rise, financial institutions and insurance providers need to ensure their virtual presence is innovative and easy to use. In addition, in these highly competitive environments, customers expect convenience and more efficient ways to conduct transactions when on the go. Vidyo’s LiveRetail video banking and video for insurance provides video chat, live chat, co-browsing, and screen sharing capabilities that enable companies to engage with customers and prospects and help them get the online experience they desire. 

 Video delivers the personal touch  

The banking and insurance industries rely heavily on positive customer experience to drive sales. It is important to ensure your business is doing everything it can to meet customer expectations and grow your business. LiveRetail’s video banking and video for insurance brings the future of interpersonal communications to strengthen customer rapport, increase online conversions, and provide the convenience customers want. 

video for insurance claims

Improve the Customer Experience 

Provide one-on-one support with the ease, expertise, and convenience customers expect from financial and insurance institutions.   

customer using video banking solution with a representative

Build Customer Confidence 

Build customer loyalty and trust with reliable and secure two-way video chat that allows customers quick access to experts when and where they need them. 

video for online banking

Grow Profits 

Reduce website abandonment and increase online conversions – and sales – by providing remote support that replicates the in-person service customers expect.  

LiveRetail’s Video Banking and Video for Insurance Support Features 


Fast and Easy Deployment

LiveRetail is a cloud-based service that can be set up in a matter of minutes – and no app is required.  

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Co-browse and Screensharing

Collaboratively browse websites and apps with customers to remotely help guide them along their online journey.   

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Enterprise-grade Security

Encrypted with key essential security features to address new and emerging security threats.  

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Video Chat & Text

Embed click-to-video or text chat anywhere on your website, chatbots, social media, mobile apps, or showroom kiosks for support at any stage of the customer’s online journey. 

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Comprehensive Video Platform

Robust, resilient, and optimized with superior video and audio quality to collaborate with video from anywhere and on any device. 

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Seamless Integration

Automatically sync LiveRetail data with any third-party CRM or back-office system to support sales growth, timely communications, and increased productivity.  

Interested in experiencing the benefits of LiveRetail’s Video Banking and Video for Insurance Solutions firsthand?

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