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Don’t have a designated Pediatric department? Let VidyoHealth improve your processes, avoid unnecessary transfers, empower your ED (Emergency Department), clinics and hospitals with a secure, HIPAA compliant Telehealth system.

Solutions for Pediatric Hospital

Pediatrics is a highly vulnerable population that requires specialized care. However, in an environment where healthcare systems are experiencing labor shortages, skyrocketing costs, and facility closures, the impact on patients, practitioners, and caregivers must be addressed. Pediatric telehealth helps alleviate many of these issues through remote patient observation, virtual care platforms and secure HIPAA video conferencing for better health outcomes. 

Telehealth is a fast, cost-effective approach that enables caregivers to provide the health services patients need from a distance. Whether patients and specialists are in separate locations, or a healthcare system is experiencing staffing limitations, pediatric telehealth bridges the gap to ensure equitable access to quality care. 

What is pediatric telehealth? 


Provides remote access to quality care no matter where patients are located. 


Improves health outcomes with quick connectivity to remote specialists. 


Putting together teams of specialists and using breakout rooms for consults, private conversations, and parent updates  


Continuous remote video monitoring for faster risk intervention. 


Effective care collaboration between staff, providers, specialists, and parents. 


Reduce hospital visits for post-partum services like dietician meetings, lactation specialists   

What are the benefits of remote pediatric telehealth? 

Leveraging virtual observation in your healthcare system provides many valuable benefits, including reduced costs, improved care, and more satisfied patients. In fact, according to a J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Telehealth Satisfaction Study, 94% of patients and their families who used telehealth services said they would use these services again in the future.  


94% of families and patients would use telehealth again 

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VirtualSitter – Remote patient observation for up to 16 patients 

Vidyo offers VirtualSitter, a remote observation system, that allows observers to monitor patients to avoid falls, suicide prevention, ICU delirium, detect motion for orthopedic and amputee patients that may on impulse try to leave their beds. VirtualSitter offers the ability to observe 16 patients at a time with doorbells and alarm triggers. Facing the current nursing shortages, this solution could be a game changer to enable virtual rounding, cut costs, avoid injuries, and give families the confidence that patients are always being observed.  

    Monitor patients remotely

    Continuously monitor patients to assess and trigger potentially life-threatening falls and get the proper care of a child quickly. In addition, around-the-clock observation delivers peace of mind to the children’s parents. 

    Increase staff efficiency

    When staffing limitations are present, expert remote clinicians can monitor multiple patients simultaneously – ensuring care continuity when healthcare systems are shorthanded. If issues arise, onsite clinicians can be quickly notified. 

    Optimize access to health system resources

    Regardless of where healthcare providers or patients reside, patients gain quick access to specialists – reducing the risk of escalating issues and travel costs. Specialists and patients simply join a video conference for more proactive care. 

    Reduce the cost of care

    Harness the power of technology to lessen care costs and increase productivity. Virtual monitoring of children allows health systems to detect symptoms more readily, reducing rehospitalization and unplanned readmission to the hospital. 

    VidyoHealth for Remote Observation  

    Pediatric telehealth is an essential aspect of a child’s health. However, caring for a child has many challenges, the least of which include communication between the child and the care team, patientfamily involvement, and difficulty for a small child to understand and follow specific instructions. This requires a robust solution that enables remote clinicians to continuously observe children for discomfort or distress and act quickly when necessary. In-home monitoring for immunocompromised children is made safer, and coordinating care across staff, providers, specialists, and patients and their families is as easy as a click of a buttonThere are no apps to download or complex login requirements. Pediatric hospitals can create a centralized PICU monitoring station where clinicians can monitor multiple children. 

    • On-Premises – For the highest level of control over traffic, CDRs, and network access 
    • Private Cloud – Through Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services. 
    • Hardware – VidyoHealth can set you up with medical carts and VidyoRooms or you can choose to leverage your own technology like iPads.  
    • Hybrid Cloud Expansion – For continuous bandwidth optimization.
    • Multi-tenant Cloud – For easy deployment, vast scalability, silent upgrades, and proactive monitoring. 

    Virtual Care Platform  

    Ideal for health systems that have been using videoconferencing tools for telehealth service lines, the new VidyoHealth offering is designed to make Direct to Patient virtual visits simpler and more efficient for both patients and providers. The solution delivers fully structured workflows and core services like EHR integration, scheduling, automated notifications and reminders, patient check-in and triage, technology self-test, virtual waiting room and fully embedded Vidyo conferencing. 

    • Manage triage, consults, document verification, prescriptions, scheduling, and billing on one end to end platform 
    • Enable our customers to optimize their business processes 
    • Empower physicians and patients to provide and receive the best telehealth experience  
    • Reduce waiting times, hang out in virtual waiting rooms from the comfort of your home 
    • Cut costs  
    • Reduce rush at the hospitals, and minimize exposure to infectious diseases 


    Professional Services  

    Whereas we have out of the box solutions, one of our key selling points is that we can build customization to accommodate and create workflows to accommodate your use cases. We can white label and brand, offer PM (Project Manager) and developer services and integrate to almost any existing systems that you have. No more systems running in silos! 

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