Empowerment is Key for Success in Population Health Management

April 21, 2017
  by Blog Team
ATA 2017 Vidyo Booth 933

In healthcare, video collaboration is now becoming ubiquitous across the continuum of care, because telemedicine has lept out of our desktops and into our pockets. At the upcoming American Telemedicine Association (ATA) event on April 23rd, we will be connecting with folks on all things telehealth, along with our partner Cerner, a global leader in healthcare technology.


If you are attending ATA, stop by our booth (# 933) and say hello to our telehealth team!

Telemedicine has reached its tipping point. At HiMSS in February, Cerner demonstrated their Vidyo-powered embedded video visit capability, helping to create an inclusive and transparent connected care system that provides better access to high-quality, face-to-face care to more people within the already-established Cerner workflow. In a recent blog post, Cerner President Zane Burke discussed how telehealth can help us take a sustainable and proactive – rather than reactive – approach to managing our collective health and wellness, and help ensure that no patient population slips needlessly through the cracks:

“Video visits support improved provider-consumer communications for disease prevention, education, rehabilitation and more. By reducing unnecessary costs and travel times, video visits can be of particular benefit to people with mobility issues, transportation limitations or environmental concerns,” says Burke.

Read his post here: Empowering Consumers to Manage Their Health

Patient engagement is the key to unlocking population health management, and engagement is needed across the care continuum. Because of technologies like telehealth and mobile, the future of healthcare will be “always on,” and increasingly personalized towards the individual.

If you will be at ATA, be sure to check out my panel talk on connecting telehealth services with EMR and patient apps on Sunday, April 23rd at 3 PM in the Experience Zone Theatre (booth # 1241).

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