Although customer engagement is becoming more self-service oriented, research shows that live, real-time video collaboration improves customer experiences and increases satisfaction and lifetime value. Video combines the best of convenience with connection and, according to research from Dimension Data, nearly one-third of contact centers expect to deploy video chat for customer engagement.

video-enabled contact center

Today, brands use the latest technologies like big data and the Internet of Things to gain unprecedented insight into the context surrounding engagement. At CX17 Brussels (visit us at booth P01!), we will see how the power of data, the IoT and more are taking customer experience to the next level, making connected, personalized, on-demand customer engagement both highly proactive and intelligent.

By adding the human touch of seamless video into the mix, customers and brands today can communicate face-to-face when it really matters to them, from wherever they happen to be, from virtually any device they may be using. Customers want to connect with a representative at their convenience; demand for real-time video in the contact center is growing as more importance is placed on providing a richer customer experience as a key differentiator.

Embedding video is easier than ever. Today, platforms like Vidyo make it possible for developers to quickly and affordably video-enable essentially anything with a processor and a screen, from kiosks to smartphone apps, smart glasses and more.

For example, in the event of a car accident, connected sensors can immediately initiate a face-to-face video call between the driver and contact center agent from their mobile phone or heads-up display, with data, analytics and video letting the agent assess the situation proactively, intelligently and visually. Assessing damage for an insurance claim, for example, can be done immediately over video, saving key resources for the organization – while also reducing headaches for their customer.

If anything, personal, face-to-face relationships at the right time will become more valued in a faceless, anonymous digital landscape. Because it allows people to cost-effectively meet face-to-face (while sharing content) from anywhere, real-time video collaboration keeps the human element in digital transformation – in a way that is simple, desirable and intuitive. While data, analytics and the IoT empower organizations to understand the context of an array of engagement scenarios with customers, with new levels of detail and intelligence, real-time video delivers just the right human touch at those moments when it matters most.

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