Top 5 Benefits of Video Conferencing Technology

August 5, 2022
  by Blog Team
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Teams are no longer limited to an office, a city, or even a country. Thanks to Video conferencing technology we can now easily collaborate with people, regardless of time zones or distance. When we utilize virtual conferencing to its maximum capacity, organizations and teams benefit greatly. Below we have listed just a few ways you may profit from video conferencing.


Virtual conferencing technology makes meetings more efficient by saving time by only needing to click a link, less set-up time for presentations with screen sharing, and the ability to share documents through the chat feature.

Collaboration is not only easier with video conferencing, but it also makes completing tasks more efficient. Thanks to the multiple forms of communication available with virtual conferencing technology, teams can be more efficient compared to in-person or email. Some features include chat, group chat telephony, and video.

Another valuable feature of video conferencing is its ability to help increase cultural intelligence by eliminating geographical barriers. Collaboration with teammates across the globe is invaluable in terms of productivity, learning about perspectives, and day-to-day life of various cultures. A culturally diverse team can better connect with a wide range of clients and add a competitive advantage to your team in comparison to teams that lack diversity.

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Accessibility is not limited to content sharing; it also includes colleagues and clients. Video conferencing technology increases access to colleagues you otherwise wouldn’t be able to collaborate with, whether it’s due to distance, schedules, or being in different departments. This elevated communication can drastically impact employees’ day-to-day interactions in a positive way.

With video conferencing technology, if you need answers to a question, the link to an important document, or approval for a project, it can be accomplished in under an hour, rather than several hours or even days waiting for an email or the next time you see them.

Another example is it is great for employees’ personal growth. Accessing mentors and learning from knowledgeable people in your company is easier than ever, and geographical restrictions are no longer an issue. It also means that organizations aren’t limited to hiring people in their immediate area. Instead, they can choose from candidates across the country without feeling like there is a disconnect due to lacking in-person communication.

Financial Benefits

Many of the benefits already listed help contribute to the bottom line over time. There are initial savings for organizations, like office space, furniture, and monthly bills. But there are also financial benefits from team efficiency, productivity, and access to ideal candidates for your team.

The financial benefits also extend to employees. Travel costs are higher than ever, and video conferencing technology means employees can save substantially. So, eliminating that expense for your team can be a huge perk for your organization.

Enterprises can also eliminate travel expenses by not needing to send their sales teams to client meetings. Some of these expenses include the cost of company cars, gas, trains, meals, and hotels.

Thorough Documentation

Recording meetings and automatic transcription enhance the accuracy of meeting notes. Solutions like Momindum enhance your video sharing capabilities with features like transcription, chapters (easily find the information you need from a video), and access to a library of resources. This solution is a great accessory to video conferencing technology, as it enhances your existing content and makes accessing and distributing resources seamless.


For employees, arguably one of the most popular aspects of video conferencing technology is the flexibility it offers. People can work whenever, wherever, and however they want. One individual’s ideal work condition can be drastically different from another. Video conferencing technology solutions allow employees to work in their ideal conditions rather than needing to adhere to a strict 9-5 schedule. In a study from LiveSize (n.d.), 98% of respondents agreed that improved communication and collaboration enhanced productivity.

Another contributor to productivity with video conferencing technology is the multiple methods of communication it offers. With communication tools like chat, video, telephony, and group chats it is easy to get the answers you need and complete your projects in a fraction of the time. Not only does it impact individual productivity but over time greatly contributes to the organization’s bottom line.

Get Started with the Right Video Conferencing Technology

The many benefits we have covered are just the tip of the iceberg in regard to what video conferencing has to offer. Integration of this technology is still a new concept for many enterprises. However, when you implement a reliable video conferencing technology into your existing workflow, you can experience the flexibility and productivity available with remote conferencing. To learn more about what solution will best meet your needs, contact a Vidyo Expert today.

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