Vidyo Continues Legacy of Invention Releasing First Implementation of VP9 Optimized for Real-Time Video

Oct 17, 2017

Vidyo VP9, Built from the Ground Up, Outperforms Open Source VP9, Extending Mobile Battery Life by up to 2x

HACKENSACK, N.J. — Vidyo, the leader in integrated video collaboration technology, today announced its own implementation of the VP9 coding format optimized for real-time video. Leveraging over a decade of experience building real-time video encoders, Vidyo’s tests of its implementation of VP9 yield up to double the battery life for mobile devices. Compared to the open source VP9 codec, Vidyo’s implementation delivers a more efficient experience for users across a variety of industries who rely on real-time collaboration over video.

“Vidyo’s implementation of VP9 reflects the interest we see from emergency services organizations and others who rely on real-time video collaboration to do their jobs well,” said Eran Westman, CEO, Vidyo. “For example, first responders using live-stream video cameras will be able to substantially increase their battery time in the field using Vidyo’s VP9 implementation, assisting those in need and helping to save lives. Insurance claims adjusters will similarly see an improvement in battery life, enabling them to provide a more efficient and satisfying experience to their customers.”

Vidyo’s latest breakthrough extends the company’s leadership position in video compression and communications. The Vidyo VP9 codec has enterprise-grade error resilience for high-quality multi-party video communications and it is fully compatible with WebRTC.

“Vidyo’s history of invention has fundamentally changed the landscape of the video conferencing market,” said Mark Winther, Vice President, WorldWide Telecommunications, IDC. “In 2013, Google and Vidyo combined forces to create a scalable extension of VP9 as part of the open source WebRTC project. Vidyo’s VP9 implementation will continue to validate the standard, and produce more resilient video streams and an unmatched face-to-face experience.”

Vidyo’s long track record of innovation began in 2005 when it co-developed H.264 SVC, built its first commercially available implementation and introduced its patented selective forwarding unit (SFU) approach to the video conferencing market. By pioneering a new way to communicate and collaborate, Vidyo launched interactive video communications out of the boardroom to desktop and mobile devices, over even constrained internet connections, and into the hands of any user. Vidyo removed the requirement for expensive multipoint control units (MCUs) and large hardware investments in video conferencing, broadening accessibility to high-quality video interactions for small and large corporations and for users in areas such as healthcare, government, education and financial services.

“Vidyo has always believed that invention in the realm of video communications has the power to change the way we work and live,” continued Westman. “That’s why we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible. We continually invest in development of new technology for Vidyo products and we contribute some of our innovations, like with H.264 and the scalable VP9 extension, so they are accessible to the entire industry, moving the world towards a better way of communication.”

“We initially selected Vidyo because of their cutting-edge technology. We customized their platform to create Nexi, which connects over 19,000 Bloomberg employees around the world,” said Jeff Fairbanks, Head of Global IT Operations, Bloomberg. “We continue with Vidyo because of their dedication to forward-looking innovation and development that pushes the envelope of video technology for the benefit of their customers.”

Vidyo’s Intellectual property can be found in both H.264 and H.265 video codecs, as well as in the RTP payload formats of H.264, H.265, VP8 and VP9.

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