Vidyo: Partnering for Success

Vidyo realizes that to build a successful business, we need more than breakthrough technology. We need incredible partnerships that bring the breadth of solutions, the implementation experience, global reach and the trusted customer relationships necessary to be successful.

Automatic transcript:

Vidyo is opening up new markets for us with their disruptive technology giving
us the ability to not just address the classical video conferencing room based
solutions but also unique applications which have not been possible before what
stood out the most about video was the strength in the platform the great
reliability the scalability and the focus on healthcare the video was very
much a leader in the marketplace and from our point of view it offers what
our customers want in terms of the quality of the experience the end-user
experience and also the flexibility to work across a range of technology
vendors we studied the solution and we thought that the SVC protocol that video
is using is really innovative and the most important thing is that it’s really
suitable to use with mobile devices video is critical to what we do
telemedicine actually improves care because there are things you can do when
you’re watching from afar when you’re using technology to help you that is
better than being at the bedside video understood our space and we’re investing
in features that are applicable in healthcare enabling video is not just a
win for for the enterprise but it’s also a win for the customer so it it helps
the enterprise to close more deals and to increase their customer satisfaction
for us it’s a huge step forward and we believe that we truly can Swift and
change the way customer experience works today I certainly have had my eyes open
in terms of the magnitude of the company its customer base and frankly the
resources behind it the outlook for telemedicine is incredible certainly
videos helped us to be very successful in our market and I think going forward
there’s a lot of potential for growth for you

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