Characteristics of a Good Telemedicine Company

April 27, 2022
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What Makes a Top Telemedicine Company? 

“Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.” That’s what telehealth used to be—but change has arrived!   Worldwide adoption of electronic medical records has been on the rise since 1990 as digital health began to transform healthcare. Digital health is a fusion of technology and healthcare and applies digital transformation to the healthcare field, incorporating software, hardware, and services. Applications are broad and diverse and include mobile health wireless and smartphone apps, electronic health records, electronic medical records, wearable devices, telehealth, telemedicine, and personalized medicine.  Things were progressing nicely until 2020 when the COVID pandemic forced the digital healthcare landscape to take a giant leap forward and had providers scrambling to find a service or app that met their needs and the needs of their patients.  And even though the pandemic seems to be waning, and life is adjusting to the new normal, it appears that digital health, particularly telehealth, is here to stay—meaning, the landscape of telemedicine companies has exploded.   But how can healthcare providers who want to offer telehealth services find and evaluate telemedicine companies? And how can healthcare providers who may have provided telehealth services two years ago, but wish to upgrade and expand their services find a suitable replacement?  Here’s our list of characteristics of a top telemedicine company.    

Characteristics of the Top Telemedicine Companies 

We’ll start with a primary function: high-quality video streaming. It’s more than an inconvenience when a screen freezes or audio breaks up. It could mean a gap in care, missed instructions, unanswered questions, etc. Your telehealth provider must provide ultimate connectivity for video and telephones.  Another simple but basic must-have is HIPAA Compliance and Security. HIPAA compliance ensures that the method you use to communicate with clients, share personal information, and hold appointments will store the data safely and protect you and your clients from any breach in security. Unfortunately, many practices are still using free or readily-available services—a clear violation of HIPAA laws.  Ideally, the telehealth provider will have additional security safeguards such as administrative safeguards, such as login monitoring and password management, physical safeguards, like data backup and storage, and access control safeguards, like automatic logoff.   No doubt you have multiple systems in place for scheduling, billing, records, etc. Therefore, it’s crucial that your telemedicine platform easily integrates into your existing systems.  The phrase you’re looking for is API integration—the connection between two or more applications via their APIs (application programming interfaces) that allow systems to exchange data sources. Without proper API integration, your data will be out of sync.  As you explore different telemedicine companies, you’ll discover just how versatile they can be and how many services they offer in addition to virtual visits. Does it allow for virtual patient monitoring, emergent, acute, or subacute care? Can it be used in a patient room, and does it integrate with medical carts? Can it perform virtual rounds, enable remote ICU observation, and allow multidisciplinary consults?   A trustworthy telemedicine company is remarkably versatile and can enable you to expand your practice in ways you never thought possible.  Another critical but often forgotten feature of a trustworthy telemedicine company is customization. How flexible are the solutions? Can they be easily tailored to your specific circumstances? Is the service truly all-in-one, or do you need to purchase different add-ons and software packages from other companies? For example, you may want to offer a unique waiting room or customize the video feed.  
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VidyoHealth a Leading Telemedicine Company  

At this point, your research may be discouraged, and understandably so. Finding a genuine telemedicine company that offers security, versatility, and quality is a rarity.   VidyoHealth provides all these services—and more. It’s among the top telemedicine companies and one of the very few that has its roots in providing access to unmatched video services. VidyoHealth is purpose-built for Telehealth Video Conferencing, designed to integrate with your EHR, medical devices, and even software endpoints running off-the-shelf software.  Stop scouring the internet to find a telehealth solution and schedule a demonstration of all VidyoHealth offers. Contact our sales experts today. 

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