How a Virtual Patient Safety Solution can Help Prevent Adverse Events

May 4, 2022
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A patient receiving medical assistance from a doctor over video call using Virtual Patient Safety Solutions
Virtual Patient Safety Solution has shown promise to answer common challenges within our population, such as Pediatric, Mental Health, and Geriatric care. Through the right solution, you can place patients under 24/7 video surveillance using Vidyo’s VirtualSitter. 57% of those patients present with low- to moderate-risk suicide ideation. The other 43% are placed on video monitoring to prevent elopement, falls, medical device interference, and staff injury.

The Vidyo VirtualSitter in-room monitoring devices come equipped with high-resolution video and audio, an automatic invisible infrared light for low-light viewing, and a virtual privacy curtain that can be activated by the observing staff when a caregiver works with the patient. Room devices can be mobile (wired or wireless) or a permanent ceiling installation. The camera has a 360-degree pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, allowing it to see the most minute details, such as whether a patient is hiding something to be used later as a ligature.

Virtual Patient Safety Solution Protects At-Risk Patients

The concept is to address adverse effects like falls, suicide risks, substance withdrawal, delirium, eating disorders, and general safety concerns. If the observing staff member notices an alarming safety concern, they can communicate with the patient over a 2-way microphone until someone gets to the room to help.

VirtualSitter’s solution enables each observer to monitor up to 16 patients simultaneously. Virtual monitoring is commonly known for preventing falls and managing chronic conditions. However, thanks to its 24/7 surveillance, it is also an ideal solution for patients at risk of suicide, eating disorders and more.

While caring for patients with suicidal ideations, providers are often adamant that a human sitter should always be in the room, even though the vast preponderance of clinical evidence shows inconsistent results, as many sitters have no medical knowledge or specific training. If sitters are not available, direct patient care staff (such as patient care technicians) are de facto sitters.

Two healthcare staff observing 16 patients on a monitor with VirtualSitters Patient Safety Solution.

Financial Benefits from Virtual Monitoring Solutions

Finally, there is the benefit of savings. As so many other organizations have discovered, the ability to virtually monitor 16 at-risk patients at once versus using one-to-one sitters inevitably lowers costs. Sitters are a little-known source of spending that can cost a health system millions of dollars annually.

Virtual Patient Safety Solution also helps to reduce the duration of patient stays thanks to its early intervention. 24/7 tele sitting allows healthcare staff to intervene at the first sign of dangerous symptoms. By preventing unnecessary deterioration, patients can be discharged quicker, thus using fewer hospital resources and reducing costs for the hospital or care facility.

Other anticipated areas of savings include fall reductions, reduction in traveling staff expenditure, fewer workplace violence events, reduction in healthcare utilization, and reduced patient mortality.

Vidyo’s VirtualSitter as a Chosen Virtual Patient Safety Solution

Unlike other off-the-shelf telemedicine solutions, Vidyo’s VirtualSitter delivers the custom workflows tailored to the unique needs of your organization, coupled with reliability, interoperability, and scalability needed for today’s constantly evolving environment. To learn more, schedule a call with a telehealth expert today to learn how VirtualSitter can meet your organization’s needs. Also, watch our demo video for more information on VirtualSitter.

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