So You’ve Made the Decision to Implement a Telehealth Strategy — Congratulations! Now What?

July 26, 2018
  by Blog Team
Ultimate Telehealth Guide

“Now what?” indeed.

This is where many of our customers find themselves after deciding to a implement telehealth strategy. You’ve identified the need for virtual health solutions and are tasked with creating the program. This can be a daunting prospect. From getting buy-in and support to selecting proper use cases and determining how to measure success, there are a myriad of decisions to be made.

The good news is that you are not alone.

Ultimate Telehealth GuideWe’ve helped scores of telehealth champions like you turn virtual health ideas into successful programs — which is why we wrote Making Telehealth Work for You: The Ultimate Guide. We took the collective wisdom of the customers that have gone before you and distilled their experience into a practical guide that can help put you on a path to telehealth strategy success.

Using primary research commissioned by Vidyo, our 10-page guide identifies the main hurdles that can delay or paralyze your telehealth strategy progress and describes how to overcome them:

  • Not enough demand to justify the expense
  • Lack of state or national policies and reimbursement
  • Concerns about privacy and HIPAA
  • And a host of others

I invite you to download the guide today, review it, and let us know your thoughts. Let’s work together to enrich the experiences of your clinicians and your patients and make your virtual health ideas a reality. Also, be sure to come see us at the Vidyo Healthcare Summit 2018 where you’ll meet others just like you who’ve created enduring and transformative virtual health programs.

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