Why Car Dealerships Need Video for a Multichannel Sales Approach

April 29, 2021
  by Blog Team
Woman purchasing a car, doing a vehicle tour with her laptop.

Buying a new car can be expensive and complex—and it’s no secret that many consumers find the car shopping experience unpleasant. One of the number one complaints of car shoppers is that they have to spend too much time at the dealership.

To win back some of their time, customers come prepared. Ninety percent of car shoppers prefer to start their purchase experience online. They have most likely visited your websiteand your competitors’. They may have interacted with your chatbot or live BDC agent or salesperson. If or when they come to your showroom, they may have already decided how much to expect for their trade, which vehicle they want and the price they are prepared to pay.

Despite consumer preference for more digital tools for the car shopping experience, many dealerships fail to connect with customers online in a relatable way. By adopting video for a multichannel car sales approach, dealerships can meet customers where they are and improve the car shopping experience.

Why Video? 

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, online shopping increased in almost all categories. Consumer intent to continue shopping online after the pandemic is projected to remain highup to 60% of US consumers now prefer shopping online.

To win business, your dealership needs to provide the right information at the right time. This means taking a multichannel approach to car sales that starts online, continues with an on-site vehicle purchase, and engages customers throughout the service life of the vehicle.

By leveraging live video at the beginning of the buyer journey, you can put car shoppers in the driver’s seat of their purchase experience and make it more likely that they will buy with you.

Video Use Cases for Auto Sales

When someone buys a $100 pair of shoes off of Amazon, they want a product tour. They want to see what the shoe looks like from different angles. They want to see customer reviews. They want to know how comfortable the shoes are. They want to compare prices from different vendors.

With an expensive vehicle purchase, shoppers want even more details. Customers will be searching online for the most accessible, accurate information on the vehicle(s) they are interested in.

By leveraging live video on your website and in your sales process, you can help the customer in their research process and make it more likely that they will visit your dealership.

Live Video Tours

Video vehicle tours are a huge time-saver for car shoppers, and they will appreciate having the information available to them. This will give shoppers a sense of how the car looks and feels before they come to test drive at your dealership.

Live Trade Appraisal

Conduct a live trade appraisal with your customers no matter where they are located. You can record the session to build an internal library for your team or an external resource for other customers. This allows you to provide an accurate vehicle quote for the customer to increase the likelihood of them choosing your dealership. 

Business Development Engagement

Once contact has been made, your BDC agents or sales team can continue to build the relationship and provide value with both recorded and live video communication. This may include sharing more info about vehicles, explaining financing, remote signatures or steps required to get a new vehicle on the road. 

A Competitive Edge with Live Vidyo

Your dealership is competing with the one up the road and the digital dealerships. Consumers have options and they want access to information. With reliable video engagement, your dealership can bridge the gap between the digital shopping experience and the on-site shopping experience.

Use Vidyo to build trust and rapport with customers from the outset through picture perfect video quality. With video chat embedded in your website you can provide timely information and address reservations.

By saving customers’ time and providing customers with a secure, reliable video shopping experience, you can carve out a competitive edge for your dealership and capture more business. 

To learn more about video for auto retail, visit Vidyo online today.

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