In 2022, the average person receives over 100 emails per day, in which nearly 85% of the emails are spam.  With the large amount of emails flooding into one’s inbox daily, the open rate for emails is only between 20 – 40%. And because of that, it costs businesses $20.5 billion a year on email spam 

So what can you do to make your emails stand out from your customer’s inbox?  

Adding a video into your emails can increase click-through rates (CTR), conversions, brand awareness, and help educate your customers. 

In fact, video email can lead to open rate increases of up to 13%. Videos are engaging, entreating, and allow you to quickly and effectively communicate with your audience. 

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Why Use Video Email as Part of Your Email Outreach Strategy? 

Here are 5 benefits of video email marketing to help you successfully reach out to your prospects and customers, and potentially win a deal.

1. Increase Email Open Rates

Remarkably, studies have found that just including the word “video” is enough to increase email open rates — by a whopping 7% to 13%.

Why? Because people are naturally curious.

As well as simply conveying the core message of the email, adding “video” to the subject line piques a reader’s interest, compelling them to open the email.

Simply put, they want to know what’s in the video.

2. Increase Conversions and CTR

An email including a video can increase your email CTR by up to 300% and reduce your unsubscribe rate by 75%

Once your prospects open the email with “video” included in your subject line; they would want to find out what it is about. Just like that, they will click the video to watch and increase the CTR of your email. If your video is precise and can capture their interests, they might even convert and sign up for the lead form to find out more about your offerings.

3. Build Brand Awareness and Trust

A personalized video is impactful because it speaks to one instead of many. Also, you can deliver unique personalized video content to thousands of recipients with just a click.  Naturally we all gravitate towards that goofy looking human smiling back at us. 

Videos have been proven to increase conversion rates by 80%. Use video in your email to put a face to your business, help your leads trust you, and convert faster.

4. Time Saving

Nowadays people have busy (and distracted) lives. Plenty of people would rather watch a one-minute video than spend 15 minutes reading a long-form article or be on a 10-minute call with the sales.  A benefit of videos is that they can quickly and easily get across your core message and grab the attention of viewers. Even complex subjects can be made easier to understand.

5. Stay Out of Trash

Good-quality and engaging videos capture the attention of the readers and reduce the likelihood that your email will go straight to trash. When done well, it’s also a valuable opportunity to give an excellent impression of your service or product.

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Start Creating Your Sales Email with Momindum 

Get your inbound marketing strategy off the ground with Momindum’s Enterprise Video Collaboration Suite! Once you embed your video into your email, you can analyze the video statistics and ROI through a precise dashboard.  In the dashboard, you can view the number of views, viewing time, which passage has been watched the most, who saw what, etc. It also has auditor analysis to tell you the number of forms submitted, number of leads generated, and the maturity of your leads.  

You can assign a score to your prospects based on time spent on videos and each form submitted. You can also analyze whether they are in discovery, evaluation, or purchase stage of maturity.  Click here to learn more about what Momindum can help you with your video email strategy and convert your prospects into qualified leads.  


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