For hundreds of years, the foundation of the banking industry has been built on personal, face-to-face relationships built on trust. Industries change, but core values should not. How will banks appeal to Millennials? How will they make sure that their values survive? For financial institutions, simplicity is the future of customer engagement.

vidyo video banking RBC

We’re excited to announce that through our recently expanded partnership with Genesys, the market leader in omnichannel CX, we’ve helped the Royal Bank of Canada (Canada’s largest bank) become the first bank in Canada to offer immersive video chat as a free service to its many small business customers, helping them nurture this key relationship from anywhere.

For banks across the globe, Vidyo has proven that video chat increases net promoter scores while reducing average call times. We recently spoke with Finovate analysts, who stated that “video banking is king” from a consumer perspective. When a customer is able to talk through complex financial milestones with a real person, face-to-face, their experience is enhanced.

The Royal Bank of Canada is now officially the first bank in Canada to offer remote video chat as a free added service. The innovative bank serves more than 16 million personal, business, public sector and institutional clients throughout Canada, the U.S. and 36 other countries.

RBC is simply making life easier for their small business customers through beautiful, lifelike video chat. Video banking re-creates the traditional in-person, local branch experience from wherever small business customers are – at the coffee shop, on the road or from their homes.

Successful small businesses use their time wisely, so that they can be agile and nimble and center their workflow on simply getting things done. Those that bank with RBC can now converse visually with their personal banker from anywhere, anytime and on any device, helping them conveniently connect with their adviser and be more efficient while on-the-go.

The results so far? Video has already won over RBC customers, creating a new – and natural – way to strengthen their relationships remotely. Customer expectations are evolving, and easy-to-use, secure mobile video conferencing has helped the bank stay ahead of the curve.

RBC chose Vidyo because, in order to recreate this in-person, face-to-face customer experience, quality matters. They needed a strong solution that would perform consistently, regardless of where mobile customers are. Video chat for customer engagement has to “just work” one hundred percent of the time in order to make sense. Our patented technology, which is designed for high performance from anywhere, makes simple, clear and flexible visual communications resilient and reliable. Vidyo ensures that the video chat experience is crystal-clear, highly realistic and immersive, working smoothly even over low bandwidth connections and variable wifi connections. That’s the key difference that makes bankers and customers feel like they are actually in the room with one another, enjoying all of the benefits of video chatting – without the frustration of dropped calls or poor-quality audio and video.

Video-enabling RBC’s contact center, which was made possible through our AppFoundry partnership with Genesys, is adding significant value for the business because it lets the bank’s contact center easily route client interactions to the correct relationship manager or financial expert in the bank’s omnichannel environment – from anywhere – ensuring fast, easy and helpful conversations for SMB customers who need specific assistance, regardless of any geographical limits. Customers now have visual access to experts across the entire company.

We’ve now helped 6 out of the top 25 banks in the world revolutionize how they communicate. Our team’s great work towards the future of communications with the Royal Bank of Canada is a clear example of our vision for a video-enabled world. Now is the time to better connect the world by video-enabling any application on any device, with visually-stunning video chat becoming the most sustainable, most inclusive and most productive way to communicate.

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