video contact centerCreating and managing an effective video banking program for your financial institution can be both challenging and rewarding. So far in this series we’ve covered areas like how to build a great project team and leveraging leadership support as some critical steps to achieving your virtual banking goals.

Now let’s review some key points from our guide to implementing video banking that will help you raise your odds of giving customers and employees the most satisfying virtual banking experience.

Be prepared to offer top-notch user support from day one. Your customers and members will share their experiences — good and bad — via social media and word of mouth, so you’ll want them to find the encounter effective and enjoyable. Be responsive to any feedback you receive and provide any assistance that users may need to get comfortable with your video banking service. Remember the old saying: “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” These early users will likely be your most active promoters — or detractors — so they deserve red carpet treatment.

Be flexible and ready to alter your strategy. Survey your customers/members and staff to collect feedback that you can use to make adjustments and continually improve the virtual banking experience. It’s essential that they see their feedback being used to improve the service. It’s also essential to tell them how you’ve used their feedback. They will feel more engaged and it will foster adoption even more.

Share your success with employees early and often. Even the smallest achievements will demonstrate for them the importance of the technology to the business. This will further elevate their support for it, and that will be evident in the customer service they provide.

Keep in mind that in your video banking rollout, technology is only a small part of the equation. The human factors are equally important, if not more so. Even if you’ve built a world-class service, getting it used is all about communicating and driving cultural change to share your strategic vision across your organization and with your customer base and turning it into reality.

To learn more about how to build your video banking project team and other critical steps you need for a successful video banking rollout, download our guide to implementing video banking.

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