We recently announced the release of VidyoGateway™ 3.5.0. VidyoGateway delivers robust interoperability between Vidyo and third party voice and video conferencing solutions. We’ve listened to our customers and made some nice enhancements to the product to provide end users and administrators with an even better collaboration experience on our platform.

Firewalls and NAT/PAT devices often cause call connectivity problems. In fact, they are the number one reason for call connectivity problems in the Internet based communications world. We’ve enhanced NAT traversals of the VidyoGateway by adding support for RFCs 7362, 3581 and 5626. This should make far-end and near-end NAT traversals easier and reduce the rate of call failures for third-party video conferencing endpoints connecting from behind corporate NAT / firewalls.

We’ve also added support for call control via DTMF (Dual Tone – Multi Frequency) tones. Audio-only participants dialing into a VidyoConference now have more control over their call experience. By using their phone’s touchtone keypads, users can now mute or un-mute their line, or turn on and off participant entry & exit tones. This is a relatively small feature addition to the VidyoGateway, but can have an extremely positive impact on the call experience. If you are attending a meeting where other participants are joining and or leaving frequently, you can disable these tones and focus on the presentation. Additionally, administrators can customize the key sequences for these commands.

Last but not the least, we’ve added support for the Opus audio codec. Opus is a popular, low-latency, high-fidelity variable bitrate codec which has better audio quality than other codecs at any given bitrate. Third-party video conferencing devices that support Opus can now join a conference on Vidyo and enjoy a higher quality audio experience.

We value our customer feedback and will continue to listen to ways in which we can improve Vidyo’s video collaboration experience. Keep the feedback coming!

Want to learn more about Vidyo interoperability? Check out the VidyoGateway datasheet or contact your Vidyo representative. The VidyoGateway v.3.5.0 update is available for free to customers under an active support contract.

#VidyoToolbox posts highlight new product updates and features across the Vidyo portfolio. Stay tuned for continued updates!

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