Vidyo Offers Stunning 4K Video Capture and Playback with Logitech’s BRIO Webcam

February 7, 2017
  by Blog Team

Technologies like 4K, UHD and HDR are bringing the visibility of video to incredible new heights. In the case of video conferencing, especially among critical applications such as telemedicine that benefit significantly from crystal-clear detail, these advancements are creating an entirely new level of realism, immersion and reliability for visual collaboration. While Vidyo is known for our error resilience, we deliver today the highest-quality resolution available in the industry, including the first 4K on a desktop and the first soft room system.

Logitech BRIO

Logitech today announced the launch of its BRIO webcam, which when coupled with for application developers, offers an instant, amazing 4K video conferencing experience. The BRIO webcam is the world’s first ultra high-definition webcam featuring Logitech RightLight™ 3 with HDR. Vidyo is proud to be a Logitech partner and the only video conferencing provider that can currently offer up to 4K video capture and playback through BRIO, whether you access our VidyoCloud service, build or video-enable your own custom applications through our developer platform, or use our array of Vidyo products.

Brio WebcamOur 4K-ready software infrastructure supports virtually any “out of the box” peripherals, such as the new Logitech BRIO webcam. Providing native video rendering on local displays, via our patented routing and layering technologies, means that experiencing up to 4K visual quality is available for Vidyo users across virtually any device and network – without sacrificing quality or reliability. Along with VidyoCloud customers, we will be also offering 4K as an upgrade for VidyoRoom HD-230 and HD3 room systems that are on a current support plan

From our beginning, Vidyo has focused on creating a solid, extensible and powerful video collaboration SDK which underpins each product. This also means creating video and audio codec implementations that are optimized for multiparty real-time collaboration, rather than streaming use cases, which is the primary focus of most other codecs on the market today. Software developers, who are building their own API clients using, can leverage Logitech’s latest camera along with our unique DNA to make their Vidyo-enabled video conferencing applications even stronger, with 4K capture and playback via BRIO webcams.

It’s because we build and maintain our entire stack that we’ve been able to bring 4K resolution support so quickly to our video conferencing VidyoCloud and developer-enablement services. We are delighted that, with BRIO, Logitech has brought such an impressive camera to market, with the specifications to really make our cloud-based video services shine.

“Vidyo is the first to support 4K video calling on BRIO, making it the perfect webcam for Vidyo customers and developers,” said Scott Wharton, Logitech VP & GM of Video Collaboration. “Vidyo is a pioneer that has paved the way for video adoption by consistently rolling out innovations that disrupt and enhance the quality of the video conferencing experience, and we are proud to call them a Logitech Collaboration Partner.”

The BRIO webcam, in combination with Vidyo’s industry-leading patented technology, represents a beautiful future for video collaboration, with the outcome of truly recreating the in-person experience across key industries like banking, healthcare, education, team collaboration, field services, government, manufacturing and more. Vidyo is synonymous with best-in-class reliability and resiliency in the enterprise video conferencing world. Now, as emerging technologies like UHD, 4K monitors become more mainstream, we are looking forward to the future of Vidyo that combines unmatched consistency and dependability with exciting new levels of face-to-face clarity.

Logitech’s optics are second-to-none: by Vidyo-enabling your BRIO webcam, your teams will not only benefit from 4K and ultra-HD, but also the ability to now seamlessly maintain these remarkable levels of visual detail – while enjoying 5x zoom, in 1080p and at 60 frames per second. This will have your organization experiencing multiparty Vidyo conferencing like never before. To learn more about using your Logitech BRIO webcam with Vidyo, take a look at our VidyoCloud offering, or sign up for our cloud-hosted, self-service platform.

*Not all Vidyo software and hardware endpoints are able to support 4K encoding today, some will roll out over time and some unfortunately will not have sufficient CPU resources to achieve full 4K encoding. Also, achieving 4K encoding will be dependent on there being sufficient network capacity between the endpoint and our VidyoCloud infrastructure.

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