Ignis – Telehealth Management

Enable actionable insights into your telehealth management program


Ignis is a passionate telehealth advocate with practical experience in programming, coding, strategy, telehealth program design, telehealth operations, telehealth implementation, and advanced data analysis.

Ignis provides project management and analytic solutions to healthcare providers. Its streamlined workflows help to improve efficiency, complete projects faster, and enable a quality telehealth experience. Its team has years of experience and expertise in multiple areas such as program design, operations, implementation, and data analysis.

So far, Ignis’ solution has successfully eliminated 50 million miles of travel, assisted 3 million consults, 100+ use cases, and is used on 500+ sites.



Laying the foundation for telehealth service standardization from inception to deployment with measurable outcomes.

Ignis Health provides the framework for quality telehealth programs by enabling healthcare-specific project management and analytics solutions. Through streamlined and standardized workflows, Ignis Health enables quick and efficient service creation and completion to achieve project milestones when setting up telehealth programs. Their analytics solution measures the efficacy and ROI of existing telehealth programs by overlaying clinical intelligence on top of telehealth metrics.

TRP is a telehealth business intelligence platform that centralizes and analyzes real-time data from clinical, financial and operational sources to gain actionable insights on everything from quality of care outcomes to ROI.

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