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Vpod delivers intelligent, responsive, and intuitive technology to businesses.Vpod’s services focus on technology that can improve and support the employee experience. Their services include visitor management with the Vgreet reception kiosk,  smart storage with the Vflex smart locker solution, and workplace consultancy. Founded in 2008, Vpod has an ever-expanding list of customers from fast-growing start-ups to established global organizations (Vpod, 2021).

Vpod is part of a multinational group of companies with generations of experience in manufacturing. According to its site (2021), it is passionate about combining the best of human interaction and innovative technology. Its service specializes in meeting the needs of the modern business and their clients to make the most effective use of time and maximize investment.

It specializes in providing for the needs of the modern enterprise, their people, visitors, and the processes required to make the most effective use of time.

The goal of its services is to drive a digital workplace. It achieves this goal by addressing key organizational objectives such as improving efficiency and implementing cost-effective processes while delivering an optimal visitor experience.

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