Vidyo Architecture Offers Unmatched Scalability and Economics for Large Enterprise and Carrier Video Conferencing

Feb 22, 2011

“VidyoRouter Cloud Edition” Reduces OpEx by 10X and Includes Free Firewall Traversal

Hackensack, NJ – February 22, 2011 – Vidyo®, Inc. today introduced the next stage in the evolution of the VidyoConferencing™ architecture that delivers affordable scalability for telecom carriers and organizations to deploy personal telepresence as a cloud service to tens of thousands of users. VidyoRouter™ Cloud Edition offers an easily deployed, low maintenance infrastructure comprised of a network of VidyoRouter™ appliances to further enhance the Vidyo™ conference experience, optimize WAN bandwidth utilization, and expedite ROI.  For the first time, IT managers can address the challenges of rapidly growing user demand for video conferencing on mobile devices, desktops and room systems while delivering a 5–10x cost reduction in Wide Area Network bandwidth and multipoint infrastructure.

VidyoRouter Cloud Edition is our response to the steady increase of globalized enterprises and the growing demand from service providers who offer video communication and collaboration,” said Ofer Shapiro, CEO and co-founder of Vidyo. “As video communication becomes more pervasive on laptops, smartphones and tablets, the demands placed upon the video conferencing infrastructure will grow exponentially and require a solution that supports thousands of concurrently connected endpoints. Legacy MCU-based systems cannot support this scale and have a cost structure that is prohibitive for widespread deployment.  VidyoRouter Cloud Edition directly addresses these business problems, and reduces the amortized per user cost from dollars to just cents per minute. Compared to immersive telepresence, an organization can enable 3,000 employees with Vidyo’s personal telepresence for the cost of one telepresence room build out.”

“With the growth in accessible video conferencing endpoints such as mobile devices, the amount of communication both inside and outside of a corporate network increases dramatically,” said Andrew W. Davis, Sr. Partner at Wainhouse Research. “It will be necessary for conference participants to traverse the corporate firewall without additional cost and impact on either performance or end-user effort.  VidyoRouter Cloud Edition addresses these requirements and allows companies to make the transition to support this increase in communications options affordably and easily.”

How the Vidyo Architecture Has Expanded

VidyoRouter Cloud Edition enables Vidyo conferences to span multiple networked VidyoRouters. The total number of concurrent multipoint connections is limited only by the number of VidyoRouters deployed, making it the most scalable multipoint video fabric on the market today.

By enabling each participant to connect with the VidyoRouter that is geographically closest, network latency is minimized for in-region conferences and bandwidth efficiency is optimized by localizing traffic. Instead of sending video streams of local participants to each of the remote participants over the wide area network, this enhanced Vidyo architecture sends each video stream over the wide area network only ONCE between VidyoRouters, then each stream is routed to participants by their local VidyoRouter. Reducing the WAN and public network bandwidth consumption, combined with the fact that Vidyo is deployed over low-cost, commodity IP networks, results in the lowest operating expense for organizations and conferencing service providers.

Secure firewall traversal is free and inherent in this enhanced architecture. By deploying low cost VidyoRouters inside the corporate firewall at each location and one or more on the public network, an explicit static IP-to-IP rule can be established on the firewall for highly secure communication between VidyoRouters.  This low cost approach maximizes performance by eliminating the need for proxy without compromising the integrity of the firewall’s protection.

Increased ROI from “Round the Clock/Round-the-World” Resources

As an organization’s video conferencing needs grow, additional low cost VidyoRouters can easily be deployed to expand capacity and further localize traffic. Customers realize nearly an order of magnitude savings when they choose VidyoRouter deployments over a hardware-based MCU solution. Since VidyoRouters leverage commodity Intel hardware platforms, rather than low volume, high cost DSPs, and connections are enabled through floating port software licenses called VidyoLines, as opposed to hardware port capacity that is fixed to the geography of wherever the MCU is installed, Vidyo offers expansive capabilities at much lower costs.

For example, in a global deployment, during the time one geographic region is working, it is “after hours” for two-thirds of the world. As one region signs off for the day, the next geography can connect using the same VidyoLines. In this way, Vidyo expedites ROI by utilizing the same connection resources around the clock instead of purchasing additional connection resources for each geography as is common in the MCU world. This floating license concept can reduce an organization’s capital expense by 66%, and for deployments that require redundancy for high availability, the cost savings nearly double for a total of a 6:1 cost advantage for Vidyo, as compared to comparable MCU-based deployments.

Vidyo´s Intellectual Property

Vidyo was the first company to use H.264 SVC for video conferencing. H.264 SVC is a video compression standard that enables a video stream to be broken into multiple resolutions, quality levels and bit rates. Utilizing this capability and Vidyo´s intellectual property, the VidyoRouter architecture offers industry leading error resiliency and the lowest latency by eliminating the MCU. The VidyoRouter is the first video multipoint solution that can deliver rate matching and continuous presence capabilities without an additional video encode and decode. This unique capability allows for less than half of the end-to-end latency of MCU-based solutions.

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The VIDYO logo is a registered trademark of Vidyo, Inc., VIDYO and the trademarks of the VIDYO family of products are trademarks of Vidyo, Inc. and the other trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective owners.

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