Accelerate Your Video Based Learning Strategy with Momindum

77% of employees wants to learn new skills. Indeed, upskilling and reskilling are crucial for them to be more efficient and accelerate their career evolution. However, jobs evolve fast, and teams work more and more remotely.

How do companies use video learning quickly and efficiently train their teams?

Thanks to a powerful video learning strategy, create high quality video content without any technical skills. Promote and encourage self production by experts to save money and improve knowledge sharing. Also, transform all your virtual classrooms into powerful assets to enriching your replays. Learners navigate through the chapters and find the information they need in one click. Add call to actions to provide useful additional resources in your videos. This way, learns can deepen their knowledge. Insert quizzes at key moment sin your video to reinforce learners’ memorizations an track progress in your LMS. Finally, centralize your content on a WebTV to break down silos and give employees access to all you company’s knowledge. Offer direct and unlimited access to relevant information thanks to a powerful search engine.

Thanks to Momindum video solution, offer an efficient learning experience to your team. Watch the video below to learn how to use Momindum to accelerate your video learning strategy.

About Momindum

Momindum was established in 2006 to support the knowledge management and learning needs of businesses and educational institutions. Our technology, now patented worldwide, was developed over several months of research by our technicians.

Momindum is committed to developing innovative software solutions to help companies convert the knowledge, expertise and ideas of employees into real assets. We provide a powerful and cost-effective video platform to easily find, distribute and share information. We thus help organizations to be part of a sustainable development policy by changing the way they communicate and transfer knowledge.

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