4 Ways Video Can Help Workplace Learning

January 4, 2023
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A business video solution consists of different parts: a cloud platform to manage your business videos and software to create the video content. At the heart of this platform is a content management system (CMS) designed to meet the unique needs of video management. 

This “video CMS” incorporates a set of five essential features that form the technological basis of a video learning program: capturing videos, sharing video content from a secure repository, converting video files for playback on any device, search for information in videos, and integration of videos into existing enterprise applications and platforms.  

In here, we will share 4 ways video and Momindum can help to make a workplace learning program successful. 

1) Record training videos 

The success of any workplace learning program is determined by how easily employees can share what they know. For a video-based social learning program, this means employees need to be able to easily record anything, from any location, using any camera or any other device they have and make their recordings available to their colleagues in an easily accessible place. 

Enterprise video platforms make this task easier by using built-in recording apps. Generally, these video recording apps work natively on Windows, Android, and iOS devices. They allow employees to record high definition videos of anything they wish to present or demonstrate. 

Once the video has been captured, all you have to do is publish it in one click on the “Business Youtube”. This step is critical because it ensures that all employee-generated video content is centralized in a single, easy-to-find repository, instead of being scattered across multiple hard drives, file shares, and portals, where it will be difficult for others to find it. 

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2) Share workplace learning videos using a centralized “Enterprise YouTube” 

Once the employee-generated video has been uploaded to the “Corporate Youtube”, employees can access it from any laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 

The “corporate YouTube” allows employees to access workplace learning video content using their existing network credentials (SSO). This eliminates the need for workers to remember a separate username and password to access and manage their videos. IT admins no longer have to manage multiple lists of credentials. 

Corporate YouTube also makes it easy for employees to share their videos with colleagues. By default, all videos are private and can only be viewed by the employee. When the employee is ready to share his video, he can do so with specific people, specific groups, or the entire company. Employees can also make their videos “unlisted”, so only people with the direct URL can watch them. 

Do you want to know more about the corporate “Youtube“? Download the MyCorpTV product sheet for free.

3) Convert workplace learning videos and stream to any device 

When employees try to watch training videos, they can access them from their desktop PC, tablet, or smartphone. They can watch them from corporate headquarters, on a public WiFi network in their hotel, or on a 4G phone connection. The wide range of devices used by employees and variations in internet connection quality place technical demands on the video-based social learning solution. 

Enterprise video platforms address these challenges by using intelligent video content transcoding and delivery technology. 

When uploading the workplace learning videos to the platform, it will be automatically encoded in the correct format to ensure the visibility of the video on all devices (tablet, smartphone, PC). 

The video will also be automatically encoded, in several qualities to ensure proper video playback regardless of the user’s internet connection. 

4) Search in video repository and deep into video content 

Historically, the main obstacle to using video as a means of sharing information has been the near impossibility of searching for video content. Even with due diligence, manually entered titles, descriptions and captions are often not enough for employees to find the video they are looking for. And even if a video is found, employees are still forced to search the video’s timeline to find the specific two minutes of information they’re looking for. 

The success of video-based social learning relies on employees’ ability to quickly search through an entire video library and then quickly jump to a specific moment in the right video. The MyCorpTV video platform meets this need by indexing every word spoken with the video. Indeed, solutions such as MycorpTV make it possible to automatically subtitle videos in several languages, thus improving their referencing. This means that, for the first time, video content can be referenced and searched as easily as documents or emails. 


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