6 Types of Internal Communication Videos to Engage Your Employees

October 12, 2022
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Ever since the pandemic, many people have the flexibility to work from home. Many people say they would like to work remotely at least part of the time before considering taking a job opportunity. Yet, there are many studies that show employees feel disengaged from their work when they work from home. Millennials and Gen Z—who make up more than one-third of the workforce—are skeptical about the positive impact of the companies they work for. However, companies can reconnect with employees and make prioritizing their happiness a reality with internal communication video. 
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The Solution: Use Videos to Engage with Your Employees Effectively

The best way to keep your employees engaged is to use internal communication videos. With Momindum enterprise video collaboration suite, you can securely create, host, enhance, and manage all your videos in one place. You can add a transcript, keywords, and documents to each video. You can also add quizzes to your presentation to interact with your employees. Whether it is an onboarding, training, or announcement videos, you can host all of them in Momindum MyCorp TV which comes with a smart search function. Employees can filter results by category, speaker, and date. All presentation slides synchronize with videos to help save time. You can also instantly create professional looking videos from slides or enrich existing videos with Momindum Maker. Here are six types of internal communication videos you can try to make. 

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6 types of Internal Communication Videos 

  1. Onboarding Videos
    Welcome new team members and enhance your existing onboarding processes with video. Get new employees up to speed with videos to talk about the company’s culture and value, and record answers to frequently asked questions. Host your onboarding content in a centrally accessible onboarding hub for new hires to access whenever they have questions. This is especially helpful if you are onboarding remote employees. 
  1. Training Videos
    “Studies have shown that video training helps employees gain knowledge as well as retain them more effectively than other methods of instruction…”When creating interactive training videos, be sure to keep the training modules short. You can also add quizzes, make whiteboard sketches, and create video game training to keep video learning fun.Host all your content in one hub as an easily accessible, evergreen resource for employees. 
  1. Update and Announcement Videos
    Video makes it easy to communicate important announcements across the organization—whether a product update, marketing launch, or closed deal. Use a screen-capture video to walk everyone through a new feature. 
  1. Livestreams or Recordings of Company-Wide Meetings
    Broadcast town hall videos live or VOD directly on your platforms in a secure way to include the whole team, no matter where they are located. Meeting live streams can keep everyone in the loop and help remote workers feel connected. 
  1. Walkthrough Videos
    Offer enhanced and easily accessible learning content to your employees with videos. Maximize the outcomes of your training efforts with state-of-the-art training features that are guaranteed to enhance learning. Personalize the videos with screen sharing capabilities. With complex subjects, provide a visual demonstration while explaining concepts to your employees. Offer all-in-one training software and monitor content views and analytics.  
  1. Troubleshooting Videos
    Need to help a coworker or customer resolve a technical issue? Instead of sending a long explanatory email with screenshots, send a video. Video is also ideal for quickly providing product feedback or flagging issues with IT (Information Technology). 

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating internal communication videos today to engage with your employees today!  

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