Essential Corporate Internal Communication Tools

September 20, 2022
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employees having meetings
Within an organization, internal communication is essential to create a sense of belonging, develop cohesion, and mobilize and motivate employees. 

Internal communication goes far beyond the simple dissemination of information between management and employees, or between team members.  

Do you want to improve internal communication in your company? Find out how to have an impeccable internal communication with Momindum. 

employees having meetings

What are the advantages of internal company communication? 

Good internal communication is essential to get a clear message across.  

Internal communication is necessary to transmit to employees the values of the company, its history, its vision and its objectives. It allows the company’s strategy to make sense. It keeps the corporate culture alive, and it encourages employees to adhere to it. It aims to ensure that everyone takes ownership of the company’s objectives and enables the development of a group dynamic. 

Internal communication also contributes to developing a sense of belonging that pushes employees to surpass themselves and provide quality work and/or service. 

Internal corporate communication helps avoid tensions and conflicts because we know that within a company or a team, good communication is the key to avoiding tensions and defusing conflicts. Indeed, by cultivating transparency and honesty about what is happening in the company, you avoid rumors, misunderstandings and confusion that can generate a climate of anxiety amongst your employees. 


Good internal company communication improves employee efficiency 

Formulating clear and precise instructions is also a form of internal communication. Managers and project leaders must be able to effectively convey their instructions and communicate customer requirements in a clear and precise manner in order to be understood by all employees. This is an essential condition to ensure that the work will be well done and to avoid mistakes.  

Internal communication is also a manager who congratulates his team for the work accomplished. Valuing the efforts and skills of your employees is an essential way of communicating in a company. By recognizing the efforts and involvement of each person, and by thanking them regularly, you motivate them to continue their efforts, to get more involved and you contribute to fostering employee commitment and well-being in the workplace. And happy, fulfilled and engaged employees will be more productive and perform better. 

Thus, by using all aspects of internal communication (informing, valuing, transmitting, motivating), you will succeed in retaining your employees, federating them and reducing turnover in the workforce. 

Person drafting up an internal newsletter

Checklist of the best internal communication tools  

You want to communicate internally, but you don’t know how to go about it? Here are 5 of the most used internal communication tools. 


  1. The newsletter

    Among the indispensable internal communication tools, the newsletter has made its place. Newsletter, whose frequency can vary, allows to reach all connected employees, as well as more targeted groups. It usually consists of news and lighter content.
    The internal newsletter is much more than a simple email. It is a carefully constructed medium that plays a role in employee engagement. It is also a way to have a detailed knowledge of their expectations and reactions.

  2. The welcome booklet

    This is an essential document to welcome a newcomer. The welcome booklet should briefly present the company, its vision and values, and should provide practical information (site map, organization chart, internal regulations, etc.) to the new recruit. It is an essential tool for a successful integration. 

  3. The corporate social network

    The CSR, or Corporate Social Network, is not a tool for internal communication like any other. It is closer to the digital workplace and allows you to:  

    • Create discussion groups by team or by project 
    • Share documents 
    • Launch online meetings and videoconferences 

    But it is, in fact, a place for internal information circulation. This hybrid space is therefore becoming one of the essential tools for internal communication. Communicators must therefore master its codes. 

  4. Signage

    Timeless, posters are an effective internal communication medium. Placed in a busy place such as near the coffee machine, in the canteen or in a meeting room, a poster allows you to easily and simply distribute various information to all employees. 

  5. The intranet

    The intranet is at the center of internal communication in companies (even if other tools are becoming more important). It gathers in one place the essential information, current and past, and facilitates access to other work tools. The intranet easily hosts articles, videos, infographics or even photo slideshows, which allows a certain freedom in the creation of content.

    The intranet also becomes responsive to be accessible from the smartphones and tablets of employees.

  6. The meeting

    If it is important to organize it well and not to abuse it, the meeting remains an effective internal communication tool. It allows you to gather the members of a team or a department in order to transmit important information to them in person and thus to collect their opinions directly. These are important moments to exchange information about the company’s current events and operations, but also to congratulate the teams or talk about problems encountered. 

teams communicating with each other internally

Innovative internal communication tools 

Perhaps you have already heard about the internal communication tools presented above. Today, we will explain how to bring a modern touch to these tools to considerably improve your internal communication.   

Let’s take a look at some of these tools: 

The video newsletter 

As we have seen, the newsletter is still the most used internal tool, but the downside is that your employees do not necessarily take the time to read your information.  

The video will allow you to capture the attention of your users much more easily. An email that includes a video generates more interest from Internet users. Recent studies have shown that the reading, opening and conversion rates of an email containing a video can be up to five times higher than those of traditional newsletters that contain only text with or without a photo. 

The presence of a video in an email immediately attracts the reader’s attention. The attraction is such that the reader can even reverse the expected order of consultation by clicking first on the video before reading the text.  

With Momindum Maker, you will be able to create videos for your communications in a few clicks and without technical skills. Create short videos of less than a minute to attract the attention of your collaborators. For example, relay the latest news of the week with a dynamic video.   

Revisiting the traditional welcome booklet   

Yes, the welcome booklet is a good way to share essential information about a new arrival. But just like the newsletter, it requires reading, which doesn’t always appeal to your newcomers.  

How can corporate video help you optimize the arrival of these new employees?  

After discovering your company’s website, you can invite your newcomers to watch a few videos on the essentials they need to know when they take up their position.  

A few short videos on the presentation of the hierarchy, or even videos entitled “How to proceed with my leave request”, will allow these newcomers to know everything about your operation. The important point is that you will centralize all these videos in a professional WebTV, so that they will have permanent access to these essential contents. MomindumTV offers you a wide range of possibilities to successfully integrate your employees.  

Create XXL meetings and replay them 

Informative meetings might be a burden to many large companies, and they aren’t followed by all employees all the time. The reasons are many:  

  • Not all employees are on the same site 
  • Your videoconference platform does not support more than 100 employees 
  • Your employees are not all available at the same time  
  • Meeting minutes are not always clear  

Momindum has developed a solution that will allow you to overcome all these obstacles. With Momindum Cloud, you will be able to broadcast your Vidyo, Teams, Zoom meetings to a large number of people without any technical constraints. A single connection link will allow your collaborators to attend the meeting using an internet connection (and even from all around the world!)  With employees at home or on the other side of the world, video reduces the great divide in terms of distance and internal hierarchies. In fact, 48% of employees see it as the most engaging form of communication. 

And for those who can’t attend the meeting? Don’t worry, this same tool will allow you to automatically record your meeting and share it as a replay on your WebTV. 

Create Your Internal Communication Tools with Momindum 

You now know how to set up an effective internal communication strategy.  

You want to be accompanied in the video strategy for your company? Do not hesitate to click here to boost your internal communication strategies with video! 

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