Since many courts closed during pandemic, virtual hearings and video recording solution have become a firm fixture in the judicial system. Since then, thousands of remote hearings have taken place each day across North America.  

There are many advantages of virtual hearings via video conferencing.  Not only is it easier for everyone to schedule an exact time for a hearing, but it also saves on travel expenses and time for judges, lawyers, and attorneys.  

Along with virtual courtroom, producing a comprehensive record of trial proceedings is a popular application for judiciary video recording solution. Having a video recorder on hand can save a lot of time. Say jury deliberations stall because jurors cannot agree on some aspects of how the evidence was presented. There is no need to call everyone back so counsel can walk through their argument all over again: simply play back the video.  


lawyers interviewing inmates through video conferencing in court

Introducing Momindum’s Video Recording Solution 

Momindum’s video recording solution is a digital judiciary transformation tool which helps increase court efficiency and effective collaboration between lawyers and judges.  Some features include: 

Store Video Recordings  

A video recording solution provides a thorough record of the hearings for all members involved, and an accurate recording for the press when needed. 

Automatically generate replays of hearings  

Momindum’s video recording solution can provide auto replays of hearings privately or publicly to lawyers and judges, so that they can keep track of past hearings. They can also use it to improve information sharing regarding specific cases and laws applications, facilitate next procedures, share new cases law and unexpected verdicts. 

Monetize Court Replays 

Court replays can be sold to lawyers so they can learn with relevant cases to improve their skills and knowledge. It can help them learn new laws, unexpected hearings results, rules, and processes. 

Automatic and accurate transcription with subtitles  

Automatic transcriptions provide accessibility to audiences with hearing disabilities. It can be edited and downloaded for legal requirements and record storage.  Subtitle translation is also available for international audiences to make sure they understand the context of the court hearing.    

WebTV to centralize hearing replays and classify them by subject and topics  

WebTV offers an ergonomic and personalized platform to centralize all the video recordings. With a smart search engine, audiences can use keywords to find any law articles and evidence within one second. They can directly access the specific passages of the videos that interest them. Indeed, the search is carried out inside the videos: in the subtitles, the keywords, the indexed documents to find the desired moment.  

judge looking at tv screen for video conferencing

Start Implementing a Video Recording Solution in Your Courtroom Today 

The pandemic changed our lives in ways that we could never have imagined.  In a matter of days, all the known procedures went out the window, and Federal, State, and Local courts had to find a way to forge ahead. Fast forward to today, where we see more members of the courts enjoying the clear benefits of virtual court hearings and judiciary video recording solutions 

Momindum’s video recording solution is being implemented for virtual courtrooms across the country, providing an efficient environment for all participants while providing much-needed support and continuity to court cases.   


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