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August 17, 2022
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2 employees communicating to each other while holding a tablet
Internal communication allows employees to better access information and communicate efficiently. It involves everyone in the company, from the executive to the top manager. This communication can be coordinated by both human resources and management teams. It must be organized, planned, and taken by individuals into account.  

But what are the current trends for successful internal communication, particularly with corporate video communication?  

2 employees communicating to each other while holding a tablet

The objectives of internal corporate video communication 

The last ten years have been marked by the acceleration of the digitization of the business world. Faced with this new era, companies have gradually redesigned their internal and external communication. Managers have adopted new tools and deployed new systems to optimize the flow of information.  

At the heart of this change, corporate video has gradually established itself as the flagship media for internal relations. In addition to mailing and phoning, corporate videos occupy a key place in the communication arsenal of employees. 

But how to use it well? Why use corporate video for internal communication? 

The challenges of internal communication are multiple. The purpose of implementing your internal communication strategy is to promote teamwork and create collective support. The intention is clear: employee motivation and team loyalty so that they invest increasingly in developing your client portfolio and your turnover. 

Involve the teams 

Your employees must have the feeling of really belonging to your company. They must adhere to your company’s values. This is one of the challenges of corporate communication: encouraging information sharing. Your employees must recognize themselves as part of your organization. Involving teams means motivating them. Getting to know your colleagues better can result in finding solutions to work effectively together. Everyone should understand the goals of each project, and how their work can affect one another. 

Promoting teamwork means implementing effective communication tools, but also opting for external solutions. For example, if your sales reps continually share new strategies that work with customers, the sustainability of the business will be delighted. The corporate video will therefore be an excellent way to convey information of this kind. If you have an effective intranet, upload all corporate videos created by your employees allowing them to watch the video of their choice to train themselves continuously and improve their skills. 

The key to motivating teams is to share their knowledge.  

The life of a company is a succession of generations who intervene in its service. Knowledge sharing is essential. The oldest will explain to the youngest how the company works, they will share their ability with them. The youngest, meanwhile, will bring new life and more modern ideas. Everyone has their place in a company. Internal communication allows everyone to feel that their intervention is useful within the organization. Video is the perfect tool to promote this sharing of expertise. 

The benefits of video for internal communication 

One of the main benefits of video is knowledge sharing. The objective is to explain or teach something to employees, whether it is about the operating methods of the company, the business model of the structure or the operating rules of the field. 

This category also includes video tutorials. The idea is to stage someone carrying out an operation or demonstrating a particular skill. This makes it possible to familiarize the spectators with certain practices and certain tools. 

Another use of video is to use it to motivate employees. Bringing the actors together is the goal of a business project to mobilize the teams. The visual and audio aspects of the video are a critical element in the success of internal communication. It is important to deploy effective and engaging storytelling to generate enthusiasm and energy within teams. It is good practice to continuously implement keywords throughout the content to capture the core values of the message. This approach will emphasize cohesion and a positive atmosphere reigning within the company. 

Among other things, thanks to Momindum Cloud, all your videos containing keywords can be perfectly referenced in the heart of a corporate video platform to facilitate internal research. The keywords as well as the chapters of your videos will thus help save time for all your employees. 

A third use that can be made of video is cognitive use. The challenge is to inform employees of key information on upcoming events. It can be used to explain a new orientation, to deliver information at a meeting or a town hall. In addition, this format is perfectly consistent with the use of corporate social networks. 

Video is also an interesting medium for conveying heavy and boring messages in an original and humorous way. Emails from human resources directors and communications managers are not always read carefully by all employees. Whether it’s the arrival of a new employee or the departure of a colleague, the informative notes get lost in the flood of daily emails. Conversely, receiving short videos makes it possible to capture employees’ attention to read about the latest information.  

Finally, the last use of video is to capture live video. For employees who have not been able to come to a meeting or for those who are on the other side of the world, video makes it possible to communicate in real time on company issues, to carry out a joint mission or to initiate a new project. It only requires a quality internet connection. This tool is great for communicating internally in a modern way, especially in large companies. The Vidyo solution will allow you to communicate with your collaborators around the world thanks to the latest innovative technologies. Combined with Momindum Cloud, Vidyo will offer you the possibility of broadcasting easily, without technical obstacles and in complete security, to as many people as possible. 

Video strengthens the bond and proximity between employees. 

 A relationship of trust between employees, including managers, helps to strengthen everyone’s motivation. Thanks to video, internal communication creates bonds even from a distance because employees can get to know other offices and teams. Managers can speak directly to their team members eye to eye and peers can also participate in a team meeting via video. 

team communicating with each other using video conferencing

Measure the effectiveness of your corporate video communication actions 

Like a marketing strategy, no communication strategy can be optimal without measuring its effects. To estimate the quality of your internal communication, you can use different indicators. For example, if you have set up an internal social network, check the engagement rate. If you have set up an intranet like MomindumTV, evaluate the consultation and action rate of the teams.  

What are the most viewed videos? By whom? Who produces videos? Are the videos relayed? 

A multitude of indicators will allow you to precisely analyze the internal communication actions implemented. 

Create Your Corporate Video Communication with Momindum Today 

The Momindum Video Collaboration Suite is a professional enterprise video platform to securely create, host, enhance, and manage all your videos in one place. 

 Momindum simplifies how content is shared and promoted. Send video links over email or embed video into your website, intranet, or CRM (Customer Relationship Management). MyCorpTV lets you instantly design customized YouTube-type channels so teams can share and promote content internally, while Momindum TV allows approved users to create customized channels for sharing content to anyone, anywhere. Click here to learn more about how Momindum can help set up your corporate video communication. 

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