Five Key To-Do’s When Integrating Epic with Vidyo

August 30, 2018
  by Blog Team
Doctor virtual consult tablet

Doctor virtual consult tablet

It’s very satisfying when clients tell me how easily Vidyo integrated with Epic, their EHR. It’s satisfying because, as emphasized in The Telehealth Interoperability in Clinical Systems Imperative, interoperability with any electronic health record system is imperative to the overall success of a virtual care initiative.

One of those clients, the Medical University of South Carolina, said, “It was a pleasant surprise as to how easy it was to integrate Vidyo into Epic. In five minutes the install is complete and in 20 minutes we teach [providers] how to use it.”

To help make your Epic integration with Vidyo just as smooth and successful, here are five things you should know:

  1. Make sure your Epic environment is current by installing the latest software updates and update your Epic Interconnect service as well.
  2. Discuss your use cases and workflows with your Vidyo team to determine the best solution for your goals and make certain you have all the needed external components. Vidyo can provide a list of recommended devices, including the best headsets and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras for clear audio and video connections.
  3. Security is critical. Vidyo has strict firewall requirements and ports that must be opened in order for your technology to work. This is a critical component for a successful implementation. Our solutions are both HIPAA and SOC2 compliant to ensure that your patients can confidently connect for all their telehealth needs. Check out our VidyoCloud Platform Architecture white paper for more information on our security requirements and capabilities. 
  4. For most integrations, 95% of the configuration will be performed by you and Epic’s technical support. Vidyo is essentially a silent, reliable partner that provides you with the options to deeply embed your telehealth solution in the background, allowing Epic to effectively run high-quality, real-time video conferences. 
  5. Consider how you’re going to get your staff to adopt the new technology. Adoption is critical to a successful telehealth initiative and Vidyo is here to help. We’ll guide you to think long-term about how you want to use and expand your video-enabled telehealth initiative in the future.

Having Vidyo deeply embedded in Epic is a smart solution for any healthcare system running Epic and looking to deploy telehealth capabilities. By integrating the two services, clinicians can provide comprehensive care during a telehealth session thanks to easy access to the patient’s EHR data at the point of care. All these features  enable Epic users who are looking to add telehealth capabilities to their healthcare services to offer the best virtual care to their patients and clinicians.

Stay tuned for the next blog as we cover the newest way to integrate with Epic: Contextual Aware Linking.

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