Improving Patient Care and Collaboration: A Deep Dive into Epic Integrated VidyoRooms

June 12, 2023
  by Blog Team
Nurse providing patient care in a hospital room.

In today’s healthcare landscape, seamless collaboration and efficient communication are key to delivering high-quality patient care. Epic Integrated VidyoRooms offers a powerful solution that enhances patient care and fosters collaboration among healthcare teams. In this blog post, we will explore the features and benefits of Epic Integrated VidyoRooms and how it transforms healthcare delivery.


The Power of Integration

When it comes to healthcare technology, integration is paramount. Epic Integrated VidyoRooms seamlessly combines the functionalities of electronic health record (EHR) systems, like Epic, with robust video conferencing capabilities provided by VidyoRooms. This integration allows for patient data and video communication to be accessible within a single platform, eliminating the need for healthcare professionals to switch between multiple applications. As a result, time is saved, workflows are streamlined, and patient care is optimized.


Seamless Video Consultations

Telemedicine has become increasingly important in providing remote care. Epic Integrated VidyoRooms empowers healthcare providers with the ability to conduct secure and high-quality video consultations with patients. This face-to-face interaction allows for visual assessments, non-verbal cues, and establishing a strong patient-provider relationship. With Epic Integrated VidyoRooms, distance is no longer a barrier to effective, personalized care.


Collaboration and Care Coordination

Effective care delivery requires collaboration among healthcare teams. Epic Integrated VidyoRooms facilitates seamless provider communication and information sharing, enabling efficient collaboration and care coordination. The platform offers secure messaging and file-sharing features, ensuring that healthcare professionals have instant access to shared patient data and communication history. This streamlined collaboration improves decision-making, care coordination, and patient outcomes.


Streamlined Workflows and Efficiency

Epic Integrated VidyoRooms optimizes workflows and increases efficiency for healthcare providers. The platform includes integrated scheduling and appointment management, reducing administrative burdens and improving patient throughput. Additionally, the automated documentation capabilities within the Epic EHR save time, reduce errors, and ensure the accuracy of patient records—these streamlined workflows free up healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks.


Enhanced Patient Engagement and Satisfaction

Empowering patients and improving their engagement in their own care is a priority in modern healthcare. Epic Integrated VidyoRooms offers features such as virtual waiting rooms and interactive patient education materials, creating a more engaging and convenient patient experience. Patients can access care through video consultations, reducing the need for travel and removing geographical barriers. Improved access to care and personalized and convenient interactions lead to higher patient satisfaction and better patient outcomes.



Epic Integrated VidyoRooms is revolutionizing patient care and collaboration in healthcare. By seamlessly integrating video conferencing capabilities with the Epic EHR, healthcare organizations can enhance patient care, streamline workflows, foster collaboration among care teams, and improve patient engagement. Implementing this integrated solution paves the way for more efficient, effective, and patient-centered healthcare delivery.

If you want to learn more about how Epic Integrated VidyoRooms can improve patient care and collaboration in your organization, contact us today for a demo or further information.


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