Takeaways from ATA 2017: Telehealth 2.0

May 1, 2017
  by Blog Team
ATA Vidyo Wall

Vidyo CEO, Eran Westman, in the Vidyo booth at ATA 2017.

From the advancement of women in telehealth to keeping telehealth simple, the ATA 2017: Telehealth 2.0 conference was filled with themes exposing how telemedicine is transforming the delivery of healthcare.

This year, Vidyo exhibited several scalable, user-friendly telehealth solutions. Our theme, “Telehealth Across the Care Continuum,” demonstrated our presence across the entire patient journey, from patient engagement and ambulatory care to acute and post-acute care.

With dozens of partners and customers that leverage our technology in their own healthcare applications or workflows exhibiting and speaking, Vidyo was incredibly well represented at the event. Through deep integrations with solutions spanning from EHR and patient portals to hub and referral programs to bedside patient observation and monitoring, we aim to make video communications simple for clinicians by allowing them to easily embed Vidyo into their existing workflows.

Demonstrations in our own exhibit included:

AMG Global Telemedicine shows off their Vidyo-powered AGNES Interactive software.

Mark Noble, Vidyo’s Vice President of Telehealth, participated in an Industry Leaders Forum focused on connecting telehealth services with EHR and patient apps. Vidyo powers three of  the top four EHR systems and clinician workflows, visually-enabling telemedicine applications across the continuum of care for more than 250 U.S. integrated healthcare networks – representing more than 2,500 hospitals.

Wendy Deibert, Vidyo’s Vice President of Clinical Services, also participated in an expert panel on the keys to successful partnerships between the ATA institution and industry organizations. She spoke on the importance of effectively communicating goals and concerns in order to foster positive relationships between partners and customers. In an age where telehealth is evolving faster than ever before, keeping an open line of communication is vital in adjusting and updating existing telehealth technologies.

Healthcare providers turn to Vidyo because our high-quality video solution seamlessly integrates into their existing workflow investments. We’re proud that our technology and services provide health systems with the tools and know-how needed to build telehealth programs that improve patient access to healthcare and yield better patient outcomes with greater profitability.

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