Three Keys to a Successful Virtual Healthcare Strategy

July 26, 2017
  by Blog Team
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From uncertainty around the Affordable Care Act to a changing pharmaceutical industry, many of 2017’s top issues in healthcare highlight why a shift toward value-based care is occurring, and how both traditional health organizations and new entrants are responding to it.

Doctor with iPad

Healthcare systems are turning to real-time video for an array of use cases to succeed in today’s “triple aim” of care (access, efficiency and quality), from eICU to clinical engineering, daily patient rounds, surgery observation, virtual support groups, remote home monitoring, telemetry, eSitting, telepharmacy and beyond. More than 75% of U.S healthcare consumers welcome the idea of virtual visits, and 76% of organizations that do not yet offer telehealth consider it to be a high priority.

Carse providers face daily challenges such as length of stay, re-admissions, patient leakage, safety ratings, a lack of providers, decreased reimbursement and more. Where traditional care delivery models struggle, telemedicine can help redesign quality care around limited resources.

Today, there are fewer headaches and upfront costs involved with adopting telemedicine than ever before. Highly interoperable, flexible and scalable video platforms like Vidyo make it quick and easy to embed telemedicine capabilities into virtually any workflow or device.


Here are Three Keys to Developing a Successful Virtual Healthcare Strategy:

  1. Integrate. If you are a Chief Technology Officer or IT project manager with multiple complex applications and proprietary solutions to manage, the majority of your resources are dedicated to EMRs, with millions of dollars invested into existing third-party legacy systems such as Cisco or Polycom. Cloud-based, device-agnostic communications platforms like Vidyo help minimize your number of applications and devices, and leverage industry-standard EMRs to their fullest extent — while maintaining HIPAA, security and regulatory requirements.
  2. Engage. If you are a physician or nurse, you may be experiencing a lack of patient engagement (resulting in the inefficient use of resources), a shortage of providers, changes in reimbursement and more. Leveraging resources across facilities and systems, Vidyo-powered telehealth’s “click-to-consult” simplicity helps you reduce cost-per-case, ensure patient satisfaction, attract and retain providers/clinicians and maintain best practice standards.Vidyo for telehealth bridges gaps, especially in underserved rural/urban areas where traditional care delivery models struggle, and provides access to patients and frequent touch points that improve compliance, safety and outcomes.
  3. Innovate. You may be in a newly emerging role/job title such as Patient Experience Officer, or other form of lean process management advocate. You are responsible for driving innovation, acceleration and transformative models of care. However, disparate systems make data access, collection, measurement and process challenging. Easily-embeddable platforms like Vidyo improve real-time patient access and minimize wait times across the continuum of care. For example, our integration with the next generation of cognitive workflows like IBM Watson shows how real-time video can be combined with an unprecedented level of patient insight, understanding and discovery within a single collaborative tool.

Keep in mind that telehealth is still typically developed in silos within an organization. The synergies that telehealth programs have across services are often missed, and there is no instruction book on how, when or who should champion the program. As telehealth matures and takes hold within an organization, the challenges of design and support can start to show, and failure to manage/resolve these challenges early on can lead to disengagement.

By unifying these three keys for developing a virtual healthcare strategy, you can design telehealth programs that are truly sustainable, and provide better access to quality care.

If you didn’t know, our healthcare customers are LIT! (Leaders Innovating Telehealth, that is.) We hope to see you at the first-ever Vidyo Healthcare Summit on October 30th in Nashville, TN, where thinkers and innovators in telehealth and our partners and customers will all come together to envision, re-imagine and push the boundaries of what is possible through virtual care. Together, we will map out how telehealth can help providers achieve today’s triple aim of healthcare for more people in more places. To check out our speakers and agenda, click here.

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