Vidyo Partnership Helps IDSolutions Meet Demands for Telehealth Amid Pandemic

June 18, 2020
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Today’s interconnected world means everything around us has changed. The COVID-19 pandemic only cemented what many in the health industry already know — the demand for telehealth is rising. Traditional interactions between doctors and patients no longer happen within the walls of hospitals and clinics. In today’s medical world, telehealth breaks any barriers and enables a new type of doctor-patient relationship. Companies that can respond to ever-changing technology demands are the ones that will thrive in this competitive environment.

IDSolutions, a global video integration company, makes video solutions affordable and straightforward for healthcare companies worldwide. Facing an unprecedented rise for telehealth services from its clients, the company chose to leverage its partnership with Vidyo to deploy VidyoCloud services in record time.

Enabling “Effective and Quick” Care

When dealing with a sudden rise in demand, offering rapid solutions is what makes the difference. Thanks to Vidyo, IDSolutions was able to escalate over 100 connections with minimal need for local IT assistance and fast deployment time to support its clients.

“With IDSolution’s full-service telehealth offering and Vidyo’s video connectivity platform and infrastructure, both organizations developed a different way to care that was effective and quick,” explains Nicholas Luthy, Vice President of Products and Marketing for IDSolutions.

Thanks to our industry-leading infrastructure, we can offer swift cloud deployment, which means companies like IDSolutions and its clients can enjoy a faster ROI. Cloud service solutions eliminate the burden of managing video networks and reduce the need for local IT resources, which is paramount for many healthcare providers that don’t have these capabilities in-house.

Thanks to this single solution, healthcare providers can match the rising demand for telehealth services without investing in additional infrastructure.

Responding to Increasing Telehealth Needs

By partnering with Vidyo, IDSolutions offered video intercoms and remote patient assistance. While facing an incredible demand for telehealth services, those companies under the IDSolutions network could provide virtual visits to five times more patients. Additionally, it reduced the number of people coming in and out of hospitals, which was critical during the coronavirus outbreak. Together, this partnerships helped more than 100 primary healthcare networks across the nation and thousands of patients in record time.

In 2019, Vidyo surveyed over 275 IT and clinical professionals to learn more about how they’re responding to increasing telehealth demands. Like IDSolutions, the healthcare professionals surveyed also consider telehealth their top priority, with over two-thirds expected to grow their telehealth budgets in the next three years.

Of those surveyed, 64% currently use online solutions for remote patient monitoring, while around 58% use it to provide virtual visits through live video streaming. For the clinicians who aren’t currently offering telehealth solutions, 85% expect to adopt these solutions within the next three years. Overall, most companies looking to meet their telehealth demands are after two things: to improve patient outcomes to increase patient satisfaction.

What’s Next in Telehealth?

There’s no doubt that telehealth is the present and future of medicine. The demand for cloud-based video services will continue to increase, especially as more physicians and patients begin to understand telehealth’s value.

Having partners like Vidyo assisting clients with bandwidth restrictions will be the next chapter for telehealth. As more providers start offering telehealth services, the trust and demand for modern-thinking solutions will skyrocket. IDSolutions’s success in times of uncertainty proves that forward-thinking and innovation are vital for future success. For more, check out the full Vidyo and IDSolutions case study.

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