Vidyo Powers American Well/Samsung Collaboration for Galaxy S8 Telehealth

March 31, 2017
  by Blog Team
American Well

Users of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Samsung Gear smartwatches may be familiar with the company’s popular S Health mobile app, which helps people manage their health and wellness in a proactive, intuitive and connected way. Galaxy users will be excited to learn that the S Health app will soon be featuring in-person, expert health advice via mobile video chat.

Samsung, in collaboration with leading telemedicine provider and Vidyo partner American Well, is in the process of rolling out a special “Ask an Expert” tab within the S Health app that connects users with medical professionals via mobile video. The video feature will be powered by Vidyo, and available on Samsung’s recently unveiled Galaxy S8 smartphone.

At the S8 unveiling event on March 29th, S Health’s new Ask an Expert video collaboration feature was demonstrated in action. Galaxy S8 users will be able to use S Health to get face-to-face, personal health and wellness help from doctors in real time, with Vidyo and American Well’s Amwell service ensuring that the experience is reliable and user-friendly.

Mobile devices combined with high-quality, scalable video are helping to create healthcare without borders. At Vidyo, we focus on creating a consistent, flexible video experience that is designed to perform as smoothly and reliably as possible over wifi and 4G, wherever people happen to be. In a world where billions of people around the globe are working and living on-the-go, relying on smartphones and tablets, healthcare delivery is shifting to fit accessibly into our daily routines.

Virtual visits over smartphones and tablets can help more people get quality care. American Well and Samsung’s Vidyo-enabled Ask an Expert feature for the S Health mobile app is a real-world example of how mobile telemedicine can simplify the complexities of access to care, helping people take an efficient approach to their health without disrupting their day, and extending the reach of our care system to include more people. It shows how the next wave of visual communications technologies can create a healthcare system that works for everyone.

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