Why Use Telehealth in Your Physical Therapy Practice?

February 28, 2022
  by Blog Team
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Did you know that nearly 20% of physical therapy patients stop treatment within the first three visits?¹ A full 70% never complete their care plan at all. That can add up to hundreds of thousands in lost revenue each year—not to mention the impact on health outcomes. While the reasons are complex, one issue can be addressed easily: Convenience.

Even beyond keeping individuals safe during a pandemic, implementing a telemedicine physical therapy (PT) solution via telehealth has many benefits for both PTs and their patients. First and foremost is convenience.

The ability to provide virtual PT to patients in the comfort of their homes, on the road, or at work helps increase convenience for patients and their families. For those who live in rural areas or communities that lack a physical therapy provider, having access to virtual sessions can help them get the care they need without traveling long distances.

A telemedicine physical therapy solution is also a great way to promote care plan adherence through a hybrid model. After the patient’s first in-person visit, future sessions can be virtual. This added convenience makes it easier for patients to stick with their program without traveling to the practice. And as we know, the best outcomes are achieved when patients complete their entire program.

For patients with unique needs, physical limitations, or privacy concerns, remote PT increases their access to therapists who specialize in their particular situation. In other words, offering a telemedicine physical therapy solution helps patients get the appropriate care they need when and where they need it. The result is improved outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

The benefits of implementing a telemedicine physical therapy solution

Leveraging a telemedicine physical therapy solution has numerous financial benefits for practices.

    • See more patients without adding staff or overhead
    • Reduce patient no-shows, late arrivals, and cancellations
    • Conduct initial screenings and consultations online
    • Increase staff productivity
    • Pull from a broader pool of therapists
    • Enhance patient satisfaction
    • Increase practice service area
    • Gain a competitive advantage
    • Improve collaboration between therapists, patients, and families


The ability to offer a telemedicine physical therapy solution allows PT practices to expand their service area to generate more revenue. It also allows practices to leverage remote therapists to provide care, which can mitigate the limitations of a small practice setting.


Why Choose VidyoHealth?

Physical therapy is highly interactive. When conducting a remote PT session, therapists need to have the ability to demonstrate movements and then closely observe and monitor the patient’s progress. These needs require a robust solution that captures every detail in high definition regardless of bandwidth in the office or the patient’s home.

    • All network environments covered
    • 4K and 5K display with image quality 16X industry averages
    • Unsurpassed error resiliency, far beyond industry standards

One of the most important benefits of choosing VidyoHealth is its ease of use. There are no apps to download or complicated login requirements. Both patients and therapists can connect with a single click over any device, network, or browser.

It’s easy to get started with VidyoHealth. There’s no substantial technology investment or need for IT resources. We make it simple with four deployment options to choose from:

    • On-premises for the highest level of control over traffic, CDRs, and network access
    • Private cloud through Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services
    • Hybrid option for continuous bandwidth optimization
    • Multi-tenant cloud for easy deployment, vast scalability, silent upgrades, and proactive monitoring

Don’t miss out on the many benefits a telemedicine physical therapy solution can bring to your PT practice! Schedule a demo today and learn why more than 4,000 healthcare providers trust VidyoHealth.

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