What is an Optimal Telemedicine Experience for Providers?

January 28, 2022
  by Blog Team
Example of an optimized telemedicine experience for providers, a Healthcare Provider working from their computer

As a healthcare provider, you have a lot on your plate. Learning how to use a new telemedicine platform may sound like more trouble than it’s worth, but that’s not the case with VidyoHealth. We make it easy. The purpose of this blog is to share what an optimal telemedicine experience for providers looks like with VidyoHealth.


How Telemedicine Works for Routine Visits

Every step of telemedicine engagement is essential for ensuring an optimal experience for both you and your patients. That means the platform should be easy to manage and easy to connect regardless of where providers are located or the device they’re using. Following are examples of how VidyoHealth works for providers for routine visits.


  • Enables “click to connect” for faster, easier scheduling and check-ins – no dropped calls, delays, or apps to download!
  • Streamlines processes by using existing workflows, standard icons, and customizable help screens
  • Enables real-time video interaction between providers, patients, families, and specialists within existing workflow tools like the EHRs and other systems
  • Supports the broadest range of PTZ cameras and medical devices to ensure optimal care experience
  • Custom-branded interface to support your marketing and growth efforts
  • Modifiable for use with existing systems and equipment
  • No need for complex integrations or large IT investments
  • See more patients without reducing time spent with patients
  • Post-appointment benefits from telemedicine


How Telemedicine Works in Other Settings

Telemedicine is beneficial in care settings across the entire continuum not just for remote patient appointments. Following are just a few examples of how VidyoHealth works for providers in other care settings.

 Emergency Care. The VidyoHealth experience in the ED enables virtual consultations with emergency medicine physicians, remote triage of patients presenting in the ED, and easier access to high-demand specialists.

  • Reduces ED overcrowding and patient boarding times
  • Reduces door-to-doctor times and the average length of stay
  • Reduces “left without being seen” metrics
  • Reduces unnecessary ED transfers by providing specialty physician evaluations to lower acuity care settings in or outside of your health system
  • Reduces ED visits by providing urgent care specialty consults and direct-to-consumer virtual care visits

 Remote patient monitoring (RPM). As the number of remote and wearable devices grows, opportunities to expand remote patient monitoring also grow. The VidyoHealth experience for RPM streamlines communication and the virtual collection of patient vitals.

  • Enables daily and routine check-ins with patients to monitor clinical progress at home or other healthcare settings
  • Allows providers to quickly intervene when problems are detected
  • Supports more effective chronic disease management, reduced costs, and improved outcomes
  • Better use of resources
  • Enables post-operative monitoring for reduced hospitalizations, readmissions, and ED visits


Acute care. VidyoHealth offers a unified experience across all clinically focused endpoints such as medical carts and wall-mounted stations. The use of multi-participant capabilities, remotely operated pan-tilt-zoom cameras, medical exam cameras, and digital stethoscopes make optimal care possible across acute care environments.

  • Supports remote ICU monitoring and better allocation of resources
  • Enables multidisciplinary virtual consultations at the patient’s bedside
  • Enhances virtual rounding for improved care collaboration and case management
  • Expands access to high-demand specialists
  • Improves patient satisfaction


VidyoHealth’s Goal for Providers Telemedicine Experience


Now that we’ve talked about how an optimal telemedicine experience for providers can be a valuable asset, you may be wondering what the experience is like for patients. At VidyoHealth, we’re more than happy to discuss how our telehealth platform works for providers. Our goal is to create a platform that promotes the best telemedicine visit possible. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our sales team to learn more.

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