Empowering Inclusion

Vidyo's Cutting-Edge Accessibility Features

At Enghouse Video, we are committed to ensuring our products are accessible to all our users. This commitment drives our product design at every stage.

Key Features

Here are some key features within our product suite that ensure our products are accessible to everyone.

Hard of hearing:


Closed Captioning

Our platform offers live closed captioning with customizable background color and font sizes ensuring inclusivity for people who rely on text to participating fully in a conference.


Speaker Volume Boost

For mobile devices, we provide a speaker boost feature ensuring the conversation is audible in noisy environments, or for cases where you just need that extra volume to hear comfortably.


Audio Device Switching

With just a few clicks, users can easily switch audio devices to accommodate a variety of Bluetooth headsets, enhancing flexibility and convenience.


Pin ASL Interpreters

ASL interpreters can be pinned within the interface, spotlighting their video feed for easy visibility during conferences.



Pop-out Shared Content

Shared content can be popped out into a separate window, making it easier to view alongside closed captioning and chat for comprehensive accessibility.


Group and One-on-One Chat

Our platform includes group and one-on-one chat functionalities within conferences, facilitating effective communication among participants.


Virtual Backgrounds

Users can set virtual backgrounds to make ASL interpreters easy to see, ensuring that visual communication remains clear and accessible.


Light and Dark Modes

All our apps support dark and light modes. This is essential for ensuring accessibility. In addition, it also gives our users choose a color setting that suits their needs better.

Ease of Access:


Keyboard Shortcuts

Following guidelines of ADA and AODA, all key elements of our conferencing interface are accessible by alternate navigation methods. For example, you can choose to click on the chat panel to access chats, but we also give you the option to use a convenient and intuitive keyboard shortcut to achieve the same task. This gives users the ease of accessing all our in-conference features using their keyboard.


Integrated Tool Tips

Vidyo features integrated tool tips for various features, reducing the need for assistance from other participants and promoting independent navigation.


Screen Readers

All our apps are tested to work seamlessly with screen readers. Our team of quality assurance engineers dedicate time to testing our apps in all supported operating systems.


Switch Control

Our mobile apps are tested to be compatible with switch control on iOS and Android.


Support for Multiple Languages

We have ensured all our apps are natively supported in the languages of all the regions they are used in. If we intercept a new language, we have systems and processes in place to ensure native support of that language in all our apps.

In addition to these key features, Vidyo also offers support for screen-readers and ensures compliance with contrast ratios and color palette choices for all major operating systems and devices, further enhancing accessibility across our platform.

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