With real-time video communications growing rapidly in such markets as healthcare and financial services, why are other businesses still reluctant to embed this technology in their communications applications?

The top two reasons, according to Vidyo’s recently released survey, The Rise of Embedded Video Communications Report 2018, are cost and security. Not too surprising. But if these are also your reasons, you can overcome them by thoroughly researching embedded video vendors.


Consider video technology providers who have the flexibility to match your go-to-market cost structure. There are two pricing options to help you maximize your cost efficiency:

  • Usage-based pricing, so that you pay just for what you use
  • Fixed-cost pricing, with an annual or monthly fee that allows predictable budgeting

There are also cost factors related to the implementation methods available. These are:

  • Developing in-house is the most expensive because you’ll incur costs not just to develop and maintain your video solution but to also host your own global infrastructure.
  • Communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) is the least expensive method and offers such benefits as a short implementation time, a great degree of customization for your business workflows, and a fully hosted service, and it requires little video expertise. CPaaS was the preferred implementation method of a majority of survey respondents.

Survey respondents were split when asked about internal versus external development preferences, with 53% responding that they chose to develop their solution entirely in-house and 42% outsourcing it entirely.


This is a huge issue thanks to the many well-publicized breaches that have frustrated security teams at companies across many markets. For those markets with high regulatory oversight, you need to look for vendors that meet your security requirements. For instance, in the healthcare sector, can you get a HIPAA business associate agreement (BAA)? Is your hosting provider SOC 2 Type II compliant and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant?

Whatever your market, you must ask the video vendors in consideration the necessary questions before you make your decision.

Whatever your reasons for not implementing embedded video in your communications applications, this emerging technology can provide many benefits that will make the investment worth your while.

Embedded Video Build Vs. Buy Chart

For more valuable information about adding embedded video to your communications applications, get The Rise of Embedded Video Communications Report 2018.

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